SAHARA by Gandini Team

Updos, short, long and medium hairstyles
In the essential and dazzling atmosphere of a desert that is not hostile but velvety, the icons of the new Gandini style move with confidence. In full freedom, but also with elegance and refinement, the hair is shaped by the wind, bleached by the sun, caressed by a veil of humidity or dried by the intense heat of the Sahara.
Everything is in motion. Like dunes that are never the same as before, even the foliage can suddenly change shape, transform and surprise, seduced by a constant dualism. A universal language of beauty, in a prét-à-porter and luxury version, where the idea of travel and conquest coexist. The search for new emotions, the drive to know and get to know each other, escape from any banality and any déjà-vu.
Long and wavy blonde hair
Long and Wavy Blonde Hair
Bleached curly hair
Bleached Curly Hair
The inspiration for the shades of the new hairstyles collection can only come from the desert, from its ever-changing shades, from its iridescent glows. Ready to disappear to reappear soon after even more resplendent.
Having abandoned the cold-tending colors of autumn and winter, Gandini Team favors light shades mixed with soft elements to enhance their brightness. And here is the sand, honey, gold, auburn and browns marrying each other in a deliberately imperfect harmony. Beautiful results with a sun-kissed, "lived" and natural allure.
Hair wit desert-inspired shades
Hair with Beautiful Desert-inspired Shades
Long, medium, or short, the haircuts of the Sahara Collection were born to express dynamism. The lines - first drawn according to precise geometric patterns, then scaled and lightened with a particular scissor technique to appear more natural and less "perfect" - always lend themselves to a double stylistic interpretation.
Dynamic short hairstyle
Dynamic Short Hairstyle
Innovative and unprecedented, the knots and twists created on long hair are one of the dominant characteristics of this hairstyles collection, of which they represent the ethnic-chic side.
Also in this case, a suggestive dualism peeps out: on the same head you can find worked sections, alternating with completely smooth and sleek areas, or combinations of glossy and matte. Strong and skillful contrasts highlight the play of colors and reinforce the originality of the hairstyles.
Braided updo with sleek sections
Braided Updo with Sleek Sections
Updo for curly hair
Updo for Curly Hair
Updo with braiding
Updo with Braiding
Updo with curled hair
Updo with Curled Hair
Up-style with twisted  hair
Twisted Hair
Updo with twisted hair and smooth areas
Updo with Twisted Hair and Smooth Areas
Something magical runs through all the hairstyles for special occasions, designed by the Gandini Team. Sleek styling and captivating roundness, inspired by Sixties volume styling, tell a story of maximum versatility.
The bride can thus experience her most beautiful day by changing her look at various times: luxuriously glamorous during the first part of the wedding day, refined and natural during the second. A hairstyle that is always well defined, dedicated to the woman who wants to avoid any standardization.
Wedding hair
Wedding Hair
Sixties inspired hair updo
Sixties-inspired Updo
A young and modern explorer who does not feel the need to show off because he has all the security necessary to face any situation. The hairstyles of the Gandini Team are dedicated to him, who wants to reclaim solid values, accept challenges, always conquer a new elsewhere.
His face is clean and there is no trace of a beard. The hair cut does not differ much from the female ones. Two styling versions: free with curls or a summery wet look.
Men's hairstyle with curls
Men's Hairstyle with Curls
Wet look hair for men
Wet Look hair for Men
Hairstyles: Gandini Team
Photography: Paulo renftle
Styling: Giuseppe Dicecca
Make-up: Alemka Krupic