Pictures of Mid-length Hairstyles (6)

Mid-length hairstyles are more popular than ever amongst women and they give you a lot of freedom to play with your hair. You can leave your medium length hair loose or wear it in an updo. This length suits most hair types. Check out these beautiful looks for midi length hair!
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  • curls and a long fringe
  • summer hair with curls
  • new bob
  • neck length hairstyle
  • angled long bob
  • medium length hairstyle
  • layered bob for red hair
  • easy to manage bob hairstyle
  • bob with wisps
  • medium length hairstyle with layers
  • angled bob with curls
  • flipped over bangs
  • medium length hairstyle
  • curly bob
  • below the chin bob
  • sweeping bangs
  • beveled bob
  • bob with lifted roots
  • hairstyle covering the neckline
  • sporty A-line bob
  • medium length bob
  • shoulder long hairstyle
  • long side swept bangs
  • bob with natural appeal
  • C-shape hair cut
  • neck length hairstyle
  • hairstyle with layers
  • red hair with highlights
  • neck length bob
  • more medium length hairstyles

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