A La Retro by Caprice Salon

Retro hair with curls
The communication of boundless glamour is presented by the talent of Caprice Salon, with small gathered curls and shocking straight lines.
Platinum beige and large expressive spiral curls embrace a hint of softness, while deep waves and delicate brunette curls are displayed.

Thin Spiral Layers

Retro inspired hairstyle with thin spiral layers
Warm platinum beige and a warm brunette began their journey together with excitingly thin spiral layers of hair, designed in gathered arrangements, similar to that of a floral design.
Placing the divide between the kinks is the section of straight form that flows below the model's chin. Uniquely original! The use of a medium sized spiral iron and a flat iron will assist with this image.

Blonde Spiral Curls

Retro hairstyle with blonde spiral curls
Hairstyle with platinum edged bangs that rest over the brows
Single blends of hair and sections of curls are styled into dimensional lines and spiral curls. Platinum edged bangs rest over the brows and give an added appeal to the angle along the sides of the hairstyle that point to the display of curls.
The formation of the curls in the back is brought up into the center, creating a cascade of ruffles. Spritz thermo setting lotion as you use your spiral iron.

Ribbons of Hair

Chestnut hair with placement of artistic ribbons
Marvelous hues of rich chestnut hair flourish throughout the artistic ribbons of hair, stylishly positioned over one side of the model's head with a few sprays of hair standing for attention.
A smoothly coiffed crown gives the idyllic break between the curls on the top and again filtering upon the back. Gel, thermo spray and lacquer should help with this hairstyle.

Taste of Nostalgia

Wavy hairstyle with a taste of nostalgia and silent films of yesteryear
The glory of coppery red hair cannot be over emphasized with the plush deep waves set upon the top and along the sides. The look presents a taste of nostalgia and silent films of yesteryear.
Thin wavy willows of hair lie easily upon the shoulders, exhibiting a cultured event from the bygone days. Gel, spray and gloss are a few items that will aid in this hairstyle.
Hair & Make-up: Marina Boukin - Caprice Salon
Photography: Asya Akhoundov
Models: Yaroslavna, Dilia & Elvira Abushaeva, Oxana Zavedia
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