Modern Medium Length Hairstyles (20)

Whether it's a long blunt bob, an angled bob or a shag, medium length hair for women has never looked this stylish. These hairstyles are really too beautiful to miss. Scroll through the below photos of medium length hairstyles and get inspired for your next salon visit!
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  • Medium length hair with chunks and fringy strands
  • Carefree mid-length hairstyle with layering
  • Lively haircut with a mix of different hair lengths
  • Blonde medium length hairstyle with airy volume
  • Unique hairstyle with irregular layers and multiple colors
  • Haircut with a combination of short and long hair
  • Curled medium length bob with sleek bangs
  • Mid-length layered haircut with a soft bulk
  • Medium length hairstyle with layers and an outward sweep
  • Blunt angled bob that edges around the face
  • One length bob that curves around the chin
  • Medium length hairstyle with the hair flipped up and out
  • Dark reddish hair with curls and short bangs
  • Neck-length hairstyle with bouncy blonde curls
  • Preppy mid-length hair that touches the collar
  • Afro look with small curls and perfect roundness
  • Extravagant silver hair with varying lengths
  • Shoulder length trapeze shape bob with txtured tips
  • Shoulderlength hair with defined curls and smooth bangs
  • Chopped bob with razor-cut edges and a trapeze silhouette
  • Bob with flared out sides and zigzag bangs
  • Medium haircut with tapered sides that frame the face
  • Blunt below the chin bob with a glossy surface
  • Long A-line bob with straight bangs and sleekness
  • Hairstyle with round cutout bangs that forms an arch around the face
  • Black hair with different lengths and sharp angles
  • Blonde hair with black and purple streaks
  • Choppy haircut with different lengths and motion
  • Big hair style with curls and opulent volue
  • more medium length hairstyles

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