Rays of Light by VOG Coiffure

Hairstyles to make a statement
Forget blending in with the wallpaper or becoming part of the furniture. This VOG Coiffure collection is all about making a statement, and rocking the boat while you’re at it. Rich, deep and striking hair colors splash these pages. Structured cuts, diagonal bangs and wispy tendrils are scattered across the scene.
This season we’re pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries and crushing the rules. Up the ante of your own appearance by fusing some of these creative colors or cuts to your own look.
After looking though this little gem of a style collection, your feet will be itching to throw on those Jimmy Choo heels and strut over to your stylist and demand a complete hairstyle overhaul. I’m sure we’re all aware that there’s really no other pick-me-up than a stunning cut or a spectacular hair color change.
The seasons of the times are changing; you might just as well look dazzling and enjoy the ride!

Straight Hair and Long Bangs

Long straight hairstyle with thick one-length bangs
Brown and blonde hair color combination
We’ve been seeing an immense upsurge in popularity concerning this hairstyle. With style muses such as Ellie Goulding, FKA Twigs and Cara Delevingne on board, it isn’t hard to understand why this look is taking the social- and fashion fronts by storm.
The layers are long and connected, while the tips have been thinned out slightly to increase the manageability and movement of the hair. The model’s bangs are also very long, thick and one-length, which creates a very unique and sassy style.
The stylist incorporated light-brown lowlights with a cool undertone with very ashy, light blonde highlights. The cool brown and ash blonde color combination is always a winner, and a recipe that is a favorite among celebrity stylists.
The lowlights also camouflage your natural regrowth, meaning that you can go longer between trips to the salon. This is a very nice style for women with long, straight and thick hair.

Sophisticated Hairstyle

Long sophisticated hairstyle
Here we have a very sophisticated hairstyle that seems to be a favorite of tons of stars such as Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Chloë Moretz, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and many more.
The long connected layers frame the face with beautifully created waves, while the center parting transforms the style into an almost angelic one.
The model’s medium golden-brown hair has been highlighted with very fine, subtle golden blonde highlights to increase the dimension and movement of the style, without detracting of the mysterious beauty that darker shades bring to the table. The model’s tanned skin tone, dark eyes and natural rose lipstick create the perfect backdrop for this stunning hairstyle.
The model is wearing a dark red, fitted blazer with a low neckline and a statement necklace, which only enhances the enigmatic appearance of the whole look.

Braided Hair with a Silk Scarf

Braided hair with an integrated silk scarf
This is a particularly beautiful Greek-Bohemian hairstyle that is once again very much in style. This is one of those iconic looks that have been returning to the fashion scene for decades; each time gripping the contemporary style front with new vigor and fresh intensity.
The model’s hair has been braided in a simple braid that’s been rolled up and pinned neatly at the base of her neck. What makes this style so beautiful is the integration of a boldly colorful silk scarf into the braid. The braid is folded over the front of the head like a headband, and consequently braided into the simple plait.
The model’s tanned skin, dark eyebrows, accentuated lips, darker make-up and white top that flatter her splendid collarbones only adds to the Greek-Boho feeling of this look. This is great for the beach, going to the movies or lounging next to the pool.

Medium Length Hair with Layers

Medium length hair with layers
Dakota Johnson look hairstyle with a long thinned out fringe
This hairstyle inadvertently reminds one of the effortless glamour and style of Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson.
The model’s hair has been cut into medium length connected layers, although there’s very little difference in the respective lengths of the layers. This means that the style is still very thick and full, even at the tips of the hair.
There is also a lot of movement and dimension to the style, thanks to the full and voluminous attributes, while the rich medium ash blonde with fine dark blonde lowlights only increases the color elements and richness of the tone. The model’s bangs are long but thinned out to a wispy, almost dreamy fringe.
The make-up artist chose to put the focus on the model’s eyes by applying dramatic and dark make-up to her striking green eyes. To avoid making her make-up look overdone or harsh, the artist kept her lips natural with a light rose colored lipstick with a bit of gloss.

Short Layered Bob

Short layered bob with highlights
Short bob hairstyle with a youthful effect
This is a beautifully crafty look that incorporates chunky light copper red highlights with light brown lowlights with an ashy-pearl undertone. The short, layered bob suits the model’s heart shaped face very well.
You’ll note that the longer, wispy bangs and wavy tendrils framing her face soften the style to a large extent; keeping the hairstyle from looking severe or harsh.
The light copper highlights along her face also have a softening and youthful effect on her face, while the warm tone of her blush and lipstick mirror the warm copper tones of her hair. The model’s eye make-up has been done in a very defined, almost edgy way, which works extremely well with the overall look.
Note how this shorter style shows off the beautifully long and elegant neck, as well as her super collarbone and bone structure. This just goes to show that shorter hairstyles can often make women look even more feminine and attractive than longer styles.

Diagonal Fringe

Short bob with a diagonal fringe
Copper red hair with highlights for a bob
Short bob cut
Here we have a very beautiful and modern bob style, which will work perfect for women who enjoy standing out from the crowd, and attracting lots of attention. This is really one of those styles that you’ll most likely see in hairstyle glossy magazines and hair show demonstrations.
The model’s hair is colored to a light but intense copper-red, while chunky golden-copper highlights have been incorporated into the structured, asymmetrical bangs. To tell the truth, this style’s very unique fringe is most probably the main characteristic that makes it so incredibly special and contemporary.
Of course, the powerful red color, and the model’s distinctive facial characteristics attribute to the intensity of this whole look, but it is the beautifully created diagonal fringe that truly makes it extraordinarily edgy.
This hairstyle will work well with women with a slim oval or heart shaped face, and distinctive features such as the model’s striking eyes, impeccable jaw line and wide mouth.

Feminine Pixie Cut

Feminine pixie cut
Feminine short hairstyle
Here we have a superbly feminine take on the pixie cut craze. The model’s hair is cut into a very sultry and neat pixie cut with short sides, ears open, a short back and longer, full bangs. This is probably one of the most beautiful versions of the pixie cut that you’ll ever come across.
The fact that the sides are so neat and structured, with the tidy back neckline and connecting diagonal fringe makes the style look superbly elegant.
The model’s hair has been colored to a deep, rich chocolate brunette color with a very subtle golden undertone. This hair color works especially well, as it focuses the attention on the color-contrast between the model’s skin and the neat silhouette of the style, which increases the elegance-value of the hairstyle.
You’ll see that the model’s make-up is kept relatively natural with a matte foundation and a neutral lipstick color. Her eye make-up is slightly more intricate, but only adds significance to the flawless style.

Low Maintenance Pixie Cut

Pixie cut for corporate women
Low maintenance pixie hairstyle for business women
Believe it or not, this is the exact same model and haircut as the previous picture. The only difference is that here the hair is blown to the back, and styled to this impeccably dapper, almost androgynous hairstyle that would look just as good on a roughshod biker as it would on a supermodel.
In truth, this looks reminds one of a hybrid between Harry Styles and Milla Jovovich ... This pixie works really well for corporate women, or those who live a fast paced life. Thanks to the fact that the model’s hair is colored with a rich, dark brunette base color; the maintenance on the color will be minimal, which saves time and money.
The actual hairstyle is also low maintenance, as it can be left quite a few weeks before becoming untidy. Note the model’s professionally applied make-up, matte foundation and corporate-looking clothing, which all contribute to the business-like overall look.
Hairstyles: VOG Coiffure
Make-up: Alexandra Méric
Styling: Nikky Chicanot
Photography: Anthony Meyer