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Rays of Light by VOG Coiffure

  • hairstyle with one-length bangs
  • sophisticated hairstyle
  • braids with a silk scarf
  • medium length hair
  • short layered bob
  • diagonal fringe
  • feminine pixie
  • low maintenance pixie
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Forget blending in with the wallpaper or becoming part of the furniture. This collection is all about making a statement, and rocking the boat while you’re at it. Rich, deep and striking hair colors splash these pages. Structured cuts, diagonal bangs and wispy tendrils are scattered across the scene.
This season we’re pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries and crushing the rules. Up the ante of your own appearance by fusing some of these creative colors or cuts to your own look.
After looking though this little gem of a style collection, your feet will be itching to throw on those Jimmy Choo heels and strut over to your stylist and demand a complete hairstyle overhaul. I’m sure we’re all aware that there’s really no other pick-me-up than a stunning cut or a spectacular hair color change.
The seasons of the times are changing; you might just as well look dazzling and enjoy the ride!
Hairstyles: VOG Coiffure
Make-up: Alexandra Méric
Styling: Nikky Chicanot
Photography: Anthony Meyer