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"Estero" Collection - Diadema Hair Fashion

Celebrities flock to Diadema Salons to get their own unique looks and superior treatment. But Diadema Salons is not only the choice of the stars. Their new hairstyles collections have something in store for every woman who wants to express her own special personality with an amazing hairstyle.
The Estero Collection tempts us with a cornucopia of short haircuts that are all equally chic and elegant while at the same time they incorporate the modern elements of our times translated by skilled hands into stunning and strong looks.
  • professional medium length hairstyle
  • radiant curly coif
  • hair with tamed curls
  • medium length hair pinned up
  • updo for midlength hair
  • chic short haircut
  • very short hair with curls
  • short hair with sexy spikes
  • hair cut with a cropped neck
  • updo for short hair
  • short hair large curls
  • short hairstyles
  • women with short hair
  • drop shape hairstyle
  • wispy short hair
  • short gala hairstyle
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One base cut can be transformed with a variety of styling techniques and this kind of adaptability is what modern women need and desire. Styles are changed by switching the direction of the hair from front to back, from up to down and vice versa. Plays with straight lines and curls add even more options to play with.
The looks that are featured here were inspired by cosmopolitan fashion and feminine as well as androgynous looks that were first seen in the 80s. Taken to new levels these iconic cuts exude sophisticated fashion sense and daring boldness. Gentle blond hues are prevalent and enhance the sublime lines with their iridescent glow, but brunettes also have a lot to look forward to.
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Art Director: Fabio messina
Photography: Stefano Bidini
Make-up: Cristina Marzo per 20100Milano
Stylist: Elena Barosi
Extension: ZeropiĆ¹
Dress: Avaro Figlio and Federico Sangalli