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"Fashion Face" by Intercoiffure France

  • medium length hairstyle with layers
  • short bob and turtleneck
  • fashion ahirstyle for men
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This small hairstyles collection is all about immense amounts of layers, texture, movement and dimension. These styles are designed to make the most of the varying lengths of hair that create wispy frames, springy tendrils and shiny tresses while incorporating highlights, blondes and browns.
If you’re a fan of looks that stand out, yet are relatively easy to maintain and style, then you’re bound to be impressed by this short but sweet collection of wildly varying hairstyles that are held together by the principle of intense layers.
The color spectrum spans from frosty very light blonde to medium golden brunette, while you’ll see lengths varying from very short curls to medium, flaring layers. A lot of ground is covered by this compilation of hairstyles, so take your time to look closely at each one, and discover the little surprises and revelations of each image for yourself.
Hairstyles: Intercoiffure France Team
Hairstylists: Ivan Arniaud, Matthieu Taormina, Pascal Thénard
Artistic Editor: François Mazeau
Photography: Richard Zouari