Saks Hair & Beauty - Hair Trends 09

Hair with versatile styling options
The new hairstyles don't compete anymore between neat and messy. They offer both. Saks Hair & Beauty introduces a small selection of long to medium long looks that give us the flexibility to be meticulously coifed one day and sensuously tousled the next.
Well cut hair shines in slightly enhanced natural colors without any fuzz but with a lot of versatile styling options and elegant simplicity is the message that will let you show your best hair. The hairstyles have finesse and character but seem effortless - this makes them even more beautiful.
And of course it is not for the girls alone. Fashion conscious men also opt for the dapper, but playful and sexy looks of this fun season.

Sultry and Long

Long brown hair with deep bangs and a center part
Deep bangs and a center part have been there before, but they are just as timeless as the full volume of the long, wavy mane. The hair has the same length around and was cut in a straight, blunt line with a fringe slightly covering the brows. The waves are supersized and outrank even the smoky eyes in their level of sensuousness.

Timeless Straight

Long straight brown hair with bangs
Even in its straight shape the long hair from the previous picture does not lack in expression and attraction. The part is still in the center and the bangs are equally straight, but a little more rounded, while the sides are flowing like sandalwood colored silk. This dreamlike elegance is possible only with the consequent simplicity of this look.

Rounded Asymmetry

Fancy bob hairstyle with one shorter side
If simplicity is not your thing, check out this fancy bob. One beveled length circles the neck at mid-level and due to the texture and ingenious brushwork while blow-drying the contour of this chic look is as round as can be.
The fancy comes in with the low side part and a long diagonal fringe that takes the focus right to one extra long strand on the side. Medium blonde with highlights is a most flattering color and always in style.

Wild Bob

Bob with wild styling and a zigzag part
Show your wild side by tousling, teasing and artfully disheveling the smooth bob. The same cut is now parted in the middle, not straight but in a zigzag pattern. The roots were lifted with styling product and some heat to form much upper volume. Gentle teasing, kneading and ruffling with hands bring the texture.

Hollywood Look

Glamorous style with huge curls for long smooth hair
This long, smooth hairstyle with its luxurious and huge curls seems to be made for the red carpet. It is glamorous and full of timeless beauty that makes everyone gasp. The enthralling simplicity of its center-parted nature enhances the gorgeous waves even more and frames the face with perfection in a deep golden hue that is totally out of this world.

Natural Volume

Long hair with kneading for volume
Long hair with lifted roots
Trend hairstyles for men and women
People have many facets and so do hairstyles. The neat goddess look of before is easily turned into this wild celebration of textures and volume.
Much lift at the roots guarantees fluffy volume, which together with the kneaded and teased texture turns the diva into a playful vixen. The dark golden hue of the hair enhances fair skin to an almost porcelain radiance.

Tamed Curls

Fashion haircut for boys with curls
Charming curls were tuned to the latest fashion trends by molding them close to the head with a distinct and neat cutting line. The bangs are extra short to expose the boy's attractive forehead and on the sides the ears are only half covered. The hair in the neck is just short enough to be shaped into a dynamic triangle.
This look is neat enough to make it in the office world, but at the same time it is sexy and touchable.
Hair: Saks Art Team
Make-up: Carol Brown
Styling: Cassie Steer