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Hair Trends 2009

The new hairstyles don't compete anymore between neat and messy. They offer both. Saks Hair & Beauty introduces a small selection of long to medium long looks that give us the flexibility to be meticulously coifed one day and sensuously tousled the next.
  • long hair with deep bangs
  • straight shape for long hair
  • fancy bob hairstyle
  • bob with wild styling
  • glamorous style for long hair
  • kneading for long hair
  • fashion haircut for boys
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Well cut hair shines in slightly enhanced natural colors without any fuzz but with a lot of versatile styling options and elegant simplicity is the message that will let you show your best hair.
The hairstyles have finesse and character but seem effortless - this makes them even more beautiful.
And of course it is not for the girls alone. Fashion conscious men also opt for the dapper, but playful and sexy looks of this fun season.
Hair: Saks Art Team
Make-up: Carol Brown
Styling: Cassie Steer