The Newest Medium Hair Styles (10)

Medium hair styles have a lot of advantages. The length allows you to experiment all the time. You can wear it loose, braided, in a ponytail or an updo. Looking for ideas for a midi look? Scroll down for photos of beautiful styles for women with medium length hair!
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  • tapered medium length hair
  • mid-length waves
  • structured haircut
  • nose-length bangs
  • sun-bleached hair look
  • bob with intense color effect
  • bob with hair extension
  • medium length curls
  • straight and curly hair combined
  • curly midlength hair
  • vintage curly hair
  • chin level bob
  • medium length Marilyn Monroe style
  • ethnic hair
  • bob with soft contours
  • copper haircolor
  • haircolor transition
  • highlightedmedium hair
  • platinum blonde highlights
  • semi long trend hairstyle
  • bob with choppy ends
  • kneaded curly hair
  • vivacious hairstyle
  • heavily layered bob
  • red midlength curls
  • chestnut medium length hair
  • copper curly hair
  • spiky medium length hair
  • 1970s hairdo
  • more medium length hairstyles

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