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"The Soft Touch" by Keune

  • short pixie hairstyle
  • pixie cut for a corporate look
  • easy to maintain bob hairstyle
  • faux pixie
  • long brunette hair
  • long naturally curly hair
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This “Soft Touch” collection by Keune is truly a glowing golden gem. All of these images portray the epitome of natural beauty, laid-back grace and impeccable class. The golden-brunette tones used by the stylist might very well coax even the most intransigent blondes to go over to the darker side… If you’re keen on taking the plunge from frosty blonde to golden brunette, then you’ll most probably be thrilled with this hairstyles collection in its totality.
Even if you’re not looking to change your color, you’ll undoubtedly find loads of inspiration from these haircuts alone. Ranging from short, edgy pixie cuts to extremely thick and voluminous layers; these cuts will have your hairdresser stroking her scissors while happily getting lost in hairdresser-heaven’s daydreams.
Hairstyles: Keune
Artistic Director Hair: Ilham Mestour
Hairstylists: Keune Academy Team
Fashion Editor: Alex van der Steen
Make-up artist: Barbara Oliemans
Photography: Alique