"The Soft Touch" by Keune

Soft hairstyles for brunettes
This “Soft Touch” collection by Keune is truly a glowing golden gem. All of these images portray the epitome of natural beauty, laid-back grace and impeccable class.
The golden-brunette tones used by the stylist might very well coax even the most intransigent blondes to go over to the darker side… If you’re keen on taking the plunge from frosty blonde to golden brunette, then you’ll most probably be thrilled with this hairstyles collection in its totality.
Even if you’re not looking to change your color, you’ll undoubtedly find loads of inspiration from these haircuts alone. Ranging from short, edgy pixie cuts to extremely thick and voluminous layers; these cuts will have your hairdresser stroking her scissors while happily getting lost in hairdresser-heaven’s daydreams.

Pure Sensibility

Pixie for brunette hair
Here we have a short pixie hairstyle that has been beautifully textured and colored. This is really one of those hairstyles where everything just works together perfectly to result in a flawless end result.
The model’s naturally brunette hair has been colored with a medium light brown tint with a striking gold undertone. The golden undertones and different lengths of the style catch the light at different angles, which consequently makes the style look incredibly multi-dimensional and full of movement. The golden brown also warms up the model’s tanned complexion and stunning dark green eyes.
The pixie has been styled by simply applying a small amount of dry-look wax to her dry hair, and styling the hair creatively into different directions with the stylist’s fingertips.

The Strength of Vulnerability

Pixie cut for a corporate look
This is actually the same haircut and model as the previous picture, yet the two images could not look more dissimilar! Here the model looks demure and sophisticated in contrast to the fun, contemporary look of the former image.
Her pixie cut has been smoothed down and sprayed into place to take on the appearance of a more CEO or corporate look. The pixie is very short at the sides, and a good deal longer at the top.
The golden medium-brown hair has been highlighted and toned to a dark honey blonde. The incorporation of the highlights has a youthful effect on the model’s face as well as making her hair look much thicker.
The natural make-up, pretty yet simple earrings and pale pink top complements the overall look very well.

The Irresistable Innocent

Easy to manage medium length bob hairstyle
Here we have a beautiful example of the “less is more” concept. The model’s hair is colored with a medium brown tint with a stunning coppery-gold undertone. This is a color that has coaxed many “die-hard” blondes, such as Nicole Richie, to go over to the brunette side.
The model’s hair is curled into very subtle waves that only amplify her stunningly natural beauty. Because the light catches the different angles and curls of the waves in her hair, the hair looks incredibly shiny, healthy and vibrant.
Her hair is cut into a simple medium length bob with connected layers, which is one of the most versatile and easy to manage hairstyles available.
Her make-up is natural, yet defines het dark eyebrows and beautiful greenish eyes, while her chic whiteshirt completes the beauty of this whole image. This is a great overall look for the office!

Boyish Elegance

Updo for a faux pixie or a faux Mohawk
This is a hairstyle that’s been getting a lot of coverage the past few seasons. The “Faux-Mohawk” or “Faux-Pixie” is a style that has been utilized to spruce up the images of Tinseltown heavyweights such as Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Keisha, and Cara Delevingne.
The model’s medium-to-long hair has been wetted, gelled and combed down the sides of her head with a fine-tooth comb to get this slicked back, super smooth look that emulates the short sides of a pixie or Mohawk.
The hair on top has been backcombed, swirled and styled to look like the textured top-side of these edgy and contemporary styles.
Her hair is tinted with a warm medium brown shade, which is mirrored by her eyebrows. Her eyes have been deeply defined with dark brown eyeliner to bring out the captivating green.

Eternal Power

Long hairstyle for layered brunette hair
This is the most beautiful long-layered hair that I’ve seen in a long time. The model’s naturally brunette hair has been colored with a golden-toned light brown color that complements her beautiful skin flawlessly.
The layers are connected and thinned out along the edges to increase the movement and dimension of the overall style, but also to make the hair look even thicker and more illustrious.
Her hair has been curled with a large barrel tong, and subsequently been combed out by the stylist’s finger tips to get these beautifully tumbling curls that make one think of goddesses and VS angels.
You can copy this hairstyle by curling your hair with a large-barrelled tong, and inserting wavy clip-in extensions in the occipital bone area of your own head.

A Poetic Breeze

Every day hairstyle for long naturally curly hair
This is the same model as the previous picture, but here she emanates an aura of “girl-next-door” beauty, in contrast to the breathtakingly stunning versus angel look of the former image. The model probably has naturally curly/wavy hair, which makes this the perfect every day style for her, and everyone else who has long naturally curly hair.
Her make-up has been done in a very nude, natural looking technique, to mirror the laid-back style of her hair and overall relaxed beauty.
The model’s hair has been treated with a light brown tint with golden undertones, which is a very popular color among celebs such as Selena Gomez, Rachel Bilson, Amal Clooney, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis to name just a handful of Hollywood stunners.
Hairstyles: Keune
Artistic Director Hair: Ilham Mestour
Hairstylists: Keune Academy Team
Fashion Editor: Alex van der Steen
Make-up artist: Barbara Oliemans
Photography: Alique