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Fabric by Ken Picton

In his hairstyles collection "Fabric" Ken Picton chose texture as the star of the show. In eight hairstyles various types of texture are explored in long and short cuts with sleek or turbulent surfaces.
  • classic long hairstyle
  • festive updo
  • pageboy with a longer back
  • long hair with spirals
  • short razor cut
  • destructed hairstyle
  • freestyle haircut
  • chin length bob
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Waves, curls, razor cuts are joined by intense texture created with state-of-the-art styling techniques. Common to all is an innate passion for fashion, vintage inspiration and modern appeal. Feminine, bold and unique as all of Picton's creations here, this stylish bunch focuses on the form and the artistry of cut and styling while the color takes a backseat.
The cuts reveal their classic roots but they are transformed to a new identity and character by a change in their inner and outer structure and textures.
Hairstyles: Ken Picton
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