Fashionable Mid-length Hairstyles (8)

Medium haircuts are perfect in-between cuts for women who don’t want to go too short. Medium length hair is short enough for easy maintenance and long enough for a wide range of styling options. Let these mid-length hairstyles inspire your next trip to the hair salon!
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  • bob with layers
  • mullet
  • hair with curled ends
  • posh look
  • bob hairstyle
  • romantic curls
  • timeless bob hairstyle
  • medium tousled bob
  • seventies look haircut
  • low maintenance hairstyle with curls
  • bob with flipped up ends
  • medium hair with flipped sides
  • long blonde bob
  • bob with the ends turned inwards
  • curled hair
  • textured bob
  • shoulderlength brunette
  • shoulder length straight hair
  • shoulder length bob cut
  • medium red hair
  • black curly hair
  • every day hairstyle
  • long tapered bob
  • long side swept bangs
  • long bob with movement
  • neck-length hair
  • professional medium long hairstyle
  • feminine style
  • messy midlength hair
  • more medium length hairstyles

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