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Wearable hair
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This trend separates the boys from "real" men with grown-up masculine glamour. Here you find elegant finesse and groomed perfection as the main elements. Men present their personal spring/summer 08 styles with pride and with Brigade they choose a look, that can become a classic of the future.
Clear, clean cuts and shapes with defined contours mirror the modern style of the clothes. The hair colors are strong, masculine and natural, while there is room for play with differences in the textures. This way the hair can look freshly washed and shiny, the next day it can be worn matte and casual. Trend-conscious men will surely invest in this elegant style for the coming season.
Modern Short Cut for Men
Modern short haircut for men that works in a professional environment
Professional hairstyle for men
Neat and short men's haircut
It is the fine and very visible texture around his face, that makes this hairstyle stand out among all the other neat and short looks for men. The basic shape is very traditional, but the fine details make it clear that we are dealing with a man of taste and fashion. The short crop is styled forward, into his face, where the very short bangs and even shorter sideburns show their tiny little teeth.
An ideal combination of classy and modern that works very well in every professional environment, but also makes the ladies swoon. A touch of styling lotion will keep the hair supple and in place. Add gloss spray for that extra wow.
Handsome Clipper Cut
Short clipper cut hair for men
Practical and sporty clipper cut hair for men
How handsome a clipper cut hairstyle can be is now obvious. Sporty and clean cut, this look exudes manliness like no other. Of course it is also one of the most practical hairstyles a man can wear and this may be considered to be the original wash and go look.
It does not take much to get the short and even shorter hair to its best looking self. A tiny bit of wax on the fingertips makes this cut ultra smooth and in addition gives it shine and character.
Flexible Short Cut
Masculine haircut with the sides styled backwards
Short cut with longer top hair for men
Flexible short cut with slicked-back sides for men
Men like to play with their hair just as much as women do. For those who like to change their appearance every now and then and play with nuances, this cut may just be the one. Longer top hair, short sides and a graduated neck give many options for self-expression.
Here it is the Latin lover look with slicked-back sides and the irresistible stubble beard. But the same cut also look stunningly handsome with a bit of tousling in the upper sections. Wax, pomade and gel should always be at hand to get creative.
Changing Directions
Back view of a short men's haircut
Short layered cut for men
This short cut is layered throughout and follows a classic men's hair fashion in its inspiration. The styling, however, takes it to new shores. The sides are combed to the back where they meet in a splash right in the center.
The rest of the hair is combed in different directions, section by section. Upward, frontward, to the side and down. Play and get inspired! The hair will behave well when touched with a little bit of wax, especially in the lifted up fringe area.
Long Bangs for Men
Short men's haircut with long bangs
Men's haircut with a boyish vibe
Men's hairstyle with diagonal bangs
Side view of a modern men's hairstyle
Hairstyle with long bangs for men
The long diagonal fringe has a boyish and also androgynous vibe to it. He can flip it back with a sharp move of his head, but falling over one eye, as seen here, has its very own allure. The hair is combed forward beginning in the back of the crown.
The direction and movement also come to live with the fine texture that is point cut into the tips if his brown hair. This unbelievable shine may come naturally, if you are lucky and have super healthy hair, but there is always help in a little bottle that has the word gloss on it.

New Romance

Graceful femininity dominated the catwalks this season. With New Romance it is however not about girlish, innocent romance, but about the seductive allure of self-confident women. New Romance is an exciting look with elegant glamour. The tantalizing mix from structures, shapes and different styles make it wearable for every woman.
For hair, the New Romance trend means softly falling and flowing looks with an extra dose of shine. Generous curls, opulent up or worn voluminous and open are the must-have of this season. This trend celebrated beautiful, well pampered hair in luxurious lengths and elegant cuts and it is the perfect excuse to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.
Trendy dresses in pastel colors and with floral patterns are especially gorgeous when the hair is colored in matching natural nuances. Golden nuances in all color intensities are an absolute must for this look. Additional color accents bring motion into the hair and provide a great shine.
Curls Styled High
High updo with curls piled up above the head
High updo with medium and large curls
High and incredible volume. An updo made to astonish and mesmerize. Curls come in medium to large, some are well defined others deconstructed by an artistic hand. The mane like mass of hair is piled up above her head and held together by much teasing and hair spray.
Some longer strands were used like an artist's brush stroke as they are draped with purpose to form lines that guide our glances towards the center of a swirling delight in he middle of her forehead. The beige blond colors is speckled with hints of gold and very bright highlights.
Long Flowing Layers
Long hair with layers and hair light enough to move about
Let the wind be your stylist every now and then! But that only looks this good with a great cut. Her long hair was cut to many layers throughout and all around for the volume to be this luscious and the hair light enough to move about in such a free spirited fashion.
The long front and billowing body are accentuated by a few highlights and a golden shimmer on the dark brown hair. Blow dry over the head to get all this fullness and curl the ends over a large round brush.
Smooth Retro Hairstyle
Smooth retro 1960s hairstyle
A bit more demure than the windblown mane before, but not less romantic. Still waters are deep, as they say and the same may be true for the controlled and smooth hairstyles. For this darling look the hair was gently teased on the crown to create some height, then smoothed over it.
The lengths fall in a beautiful curve, first towards the back an then down, over her shoulders, where they curl up in the most delightful way. The inspiration is from hairstyles of the 1960s. The expression could not be more modern.
Beehive in Black
Black hair in a beehive upstyle that matches the lines of the face
Make a sculpture out of yourself! The beehive is one of the most outrageous up styles one can behold, alone due to its sheer size. This beautiful retro idea goes even further and adjusts the shape of the hair to match the lines of her face so that a very organic and fluid form results.
The long black hair was smoothed out with a fine comb and a lot of hairspray. Pins were used on the inside to remain unseen. You will need some help with this one and should not try it alone.
Photos: Schwarzkopf Professional