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Haarformer presents the hair fashion Numinos

Numinos - that is the not very humble name that Haarformer gave their collection. Numinos an expression found in religious science and psychology stands for the divine, unique, incomparable, it describes the beautiful and the complete: the hair fashion.
The new styles were developed on the base of original esthetics. A natural, clear and precious visual appearance are at the core of the new styles. The new Numinos Style emphasizes the individual characteristics of the wearer and brings them out even more with innovative cut and color techniques.
  • androgynous short cut
  • rolled bangs
  • concave bob
  • face hugging hair
  • bob with longer sides
  • feisty haircut
  • hair with wispy ends
  • hair extensions
  • short bangs
  • men's haircut
  • man with short haircut
  • cut for gray hair
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It is important that the styling effort of the creations is easy to convert and that it remains every-day proof. Haarformer are customer oriented and visionaries in their field. Perfectly executed cut through skilled handiwork make the styling easy as pie. The new hairstyles are self confident, stylish and extravagant and they lift the male and female customers into the spheres of the unusual.
The Trends in Detail:
Color shows a wide spectrum. Cool blonde forms a mélange with warm copper and turns into an individual play of color on the client's head. The hair is colored gently or refined in it's natural tone and they are iridescent in the natural range. A sophisticated mix of color can also reach from iridescent lilac blonde all the way to metallic red-violet. Metallic, subtle shine is a must. Unspectacular gray hair transcends into noble graphite and comes out exquisitely sexy. Grave differences in colors have taken their leave. Basically the colors are now refined and dazzling.
Asymmetrical cuts for men and women are equally trendy and show precise and clear lines. The silhouette remains narrow, the look often androgynous. The classic bob for women impresses with a concave line to the shoulder and much volume on the back of the head. The bob is kept short and comes with recognizable contours, slightly layered.
On the male heads the excitement comes from short forehead and lock neck sections as well as steps in the top hair to create individual accents. A good, professional cut enables the customer to play with many styling variations, that brings versatility into the daily outfit and also promises to rescue a "bad hair day".
Responding to the constant request for long hair, extensions find more and more heads to cling to. Individual, colored strands used as eye catcher, disrupting a contour or volume. Strands made out of genuine hair are worked into the own hair and bring a lot of variation. The hairstyles convince with straight segments, that are interrupted by sections full of motion. The flat iron remains to be a very important tool for stylists.
Hairstyles: Haarformer Mode-Team
Photos: Eva Zocher