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Ikonik by Ken Picton

Icons are images of significance and symbolism, traditionally used for devotion. Ken Picton's collection of hairstyles therefore bears the perfect name.
With is Ikonik collection he presents us with an intense line of eight distinguished looks, each unique and of the purest essence that can be captured in hair. Elements of the past mix with new ideas.
  • bob with round back
  • top hair gathered up
  • Hollywood hairstyle
  • short spiky hairstyle
  • huge curls
  • short retro haircut
  • vintage updo
  • short haircut with long top hair
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All that matters is shape and expression. Color takes a backseat and does not distract from the intensity of the wavy, straight, geometric or free-formed lines. Photographed in black and white, the artist underlines his approach to a timeless collection for women, who are free, independent and creative.
Hairstyles: Ken Picton
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