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Cebado Hairstyles 2007

Cebado targets strong smooth hairlines that are close to the head with fine structures seen in many details.
There are curly and wavy hairstyles competing with one another and all ending up first place on the list.
  • short feminine haircut
  • very short hair for women
  • hair severely pulled back
  • medium short hairstyle
  • shag for men
  • man with curls
  • slithered pieces of hair
  • medium hair length and upturned blouse collar
  • short hair with a fragile appearance
  • midway neck hair length
  • golden urls
  • sausage curls for short hair
  • bob with sides longer than the back
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From curly to a sophisticated upswing. Then to a masculine approach to see what the other gender is wearing all gives us a critical eye view of what was, what is and what is to come from the works of Cebado.
Hair: Cebado
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