Cebado Hairstyles 07

Hairstyles with strong smooth hairlines
Cebado targets strong smooth hairlines that are close to the head with fine structures seen in many details. There are curly and wavy hairstyles competing with one another and all ending up first place on the list.
From curly to a sophisticated upswing. Then to a masculine approach to see what the other gender is wearing all gives us a critical eye view of what was, what is and what is to come from the works of Cebado.

Short Feminine Hairstyle

Short feminine haircut for platinum blonde hair
The sheer performance of platinum blonde hair is an attention getter with strong and feminine short lines, the hair is fashioned with a poufy side part that brings the top over with a good amount of volume.
All the hair is blended smoothly while going back and meeting the hair upon the sides. Then combed toward the face with the large loopy curl. The other side also has pouf and comes toward the face. The crown poufs up as the layers connect to blend with the overall hairstyle.

Super Short Hair

Very short hair for women
A delightful picture is seen of super short hair with thin wispy spikes that dominate the hairstyle around the crown and the top.
The short hair is thickest closest to the scalp and the longest section appears to be around the top/bang area that is combed over to the side.
The back is also in small tight layers that can either lie easily upon the nape or be brought up with gel in the hands.

Ball of Hair

Hair severely pulled back in an updo
Cebado gives a touch of fantasy with the model's hair severely pulled back tightly from the head and a ball of hair sculptured on the lower crown, with a flat ribbon of hair waving over the art form.
With the hair brought back into an updo as tight as it is, every crease, profile and hairline can be seen on the model along with the tiny thin streaks of blonde hair that wind together with the brown around the ball.

Versatile Haircuts

Versatile haircuts for men and women
The blonde in the picture is wearing her hair in a medium short hairstyle that covers the nape in the back and is combed from the side part into a smooth feel just above the ears and along the sides. The rest of the hair is styled over the top with a few thin bangs touching the forehead and favoring the other side. This versatile haircut can be worn up, down or toward the face in lush round curls.
The young man is wearing his dark brown hair in a long version of the shag haircut with heavy full bangs that cover his eyebrows and sides that cover his ears. The hair springs up from a little natural curl and covers his neckline in the back. Blow drying will achieve this type of result with a spritz of gloss for shine.

Masculine Curls

Masculine hairstyle with curls
Curls can be very masculine on the right guy and with this in mind we can view Cebado's creativity first hand with a layered crop of curls that have been scattered around the head and especially upon the forehead.
The sides of the hairstyle expose the ears, while the back is ruggedly curly and swings into flips into carefree directions.

Slithered Short Hair

short hairstyle with slithered pieces of hair
Golden pockets of hair become all the rage when in clips of slithered pieces that hang along the face. The hair forms round smooth lines that tilt under just a little in the back and fall in segments along the sides.
The top is also displayed into the hairstyle with an enticing charm while hosting a succession of lengths that are combined into the couture.

Covered Neckline

Medium length hair that covers the neckline and an upturned collar
A blissful caliber of light brown hair is embellished with sleek thin lines of gold and warm brown. The top is sectioned back and away from the face and the sides of the hair have dips around the temples and then, goes back into large round curls toward the face. The back comes down to cover the neckline of this medium long layered hairstyle.

Fragile Appearance for Short Hair

Short brown hair with a fragile appearance
Rich coffee colored hair is cut in textured layers to give the ends a fragile lacey appearance. The top is heavy and comes down from the crown with plenty of bulk and pieced sections along the forehead. The smooth back lies creaseless to cover the neckline, while the sides are splayed in the front of the ears of this modified version of the shag hairstyle.

Midway Neck Haircut

Midway the neck haircut with layers
Pleasing long layers of light brown hair are seen with slight threads of fine gold sprinkled throughout the hairstyle.
There is an angled part that separates the heavier side over to connect to the side hair. The other side is just as balanced and flows out and then toward the jaw line. The hair in the back is structured smooth and with small diverse flips about midway upon the neck.

Golden Curls

Short layered hairstyle with golden curls
A crop of golden curls are given along the edges of the hair professing to be long layered and almost a bob cut, with the curls disguising the original form. Curly coils are plunged upon the forehead from the part and nestled together completely around the head. There are displays of gold, clove and light brown tones, each complimenting the other of this maiden's unsullied short hairstyle.

Short Curly Hair

Short hair with sausage curls
Short curly hair is ruffled upon each other like soft swirls of chocolate coils on top of the other and then with a few sausage curls that lie upon the forehead.
The sides are brushed back and over the ears to connect with more curls, although not quite as curly in the back and a simple hairline that edges around the nape of the neck. The chocolate hair color is quite enticing with subtle strands of bronzy gold that you can barely see.

Chin Line Hugging Bob

Blonde bob with the sides longer than the back
A modified platinum colored bob is cut with shorter layers along the lower edges and closer to the head, while the other smoother and longer sections are more willowy and threadlike.
The hair on the sides is a little bit longer than the back and we can see how it hugs the chin line as it cups around the head.
There are heavy bangs that transparently tip the brows into the straight design that is formed by the professional.
Hair: Cebado