Pictures of Semi-long Hairstyles (2)

There are many benefits of having medium length hair. It is easy to maintain and there’s a medium hairstyle for every face shape. That’s why semi-long hairstyles are in high demand in hair salons. Scroll down for inspiration for medium hairstyles!
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  • shoulder length hairstyle
  • almost to the shoulder bob
  • textured bob
  • hairstyle for curly hair
  • bouncy layered hair
  • hairstyle with different lengths
  • long blonde bob
  • medium hair with a side fringe
  • classic medium hairstyle
  • tousled bob
  • medium hairstyle - seanhanna
  • medium hairstyle - seanhanna
  • textured straight hair
  • streaked bob
  • liquid sleek hair
  • hair with forward movement
  • medium blonde hair
  • medium hairstyle - HairPoint By Perényi
  • medium hairstyle - HairPoint By Perényi
  • nape with longer hair
  • long pixie cut
  • medium long curly hair
  • sleek brunette hair
  • blonde curls
  • A-lince cut
  • shaggy copper hair
  • shoulder level shag
  • flirtatious hair look
  • medium long bob
  • more medium length hairstyles

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