Desperate Housewives by Graham Webb

Modern hairstyles
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The talented stylists of Graham Webb International bring us this collection of hairstyles under the heading "Desperate Housewives". These are edgy, modern looks with lots of movement and texture.
The styles feature asymmetrical elements and take traditional looks and twist them in more adventurous, almost desperate ways. The resulting hairstyles are bold, intriguing and sure to get you noticed.

Choppy Short Hairstyle

Choppy short hairstyle with a short fringe and out-turned ends
Hair bent outward with peaks and points
Here we begin with a classic bob that features a short, concave fringe area. The interior of the hair is then lightened with a series of convex layers and textured with deep razor-cut choppiness. The short upward curve of the fringe is also textured for a choppy appearance.
The styling is a result of a blow-out with a firm-hold product and a round brush to create the fullness and out-turned ends of the hair. Much of the hair is directed forward and down from the crown area and the ends of the layers are bent outward forming a soft "halo" of tawny peaks and points.

Convex Silhouette

Hairstyle with a convex silhouette
Short layered hair
You might be surprised to learn that the look seen here is based on the very same short cut as seen previously. In fact, the model is one and the same. The styling here illustrates fully the convex silhouette created by the layering as the bulk of the hair tapers toward the perimeter edges.
The styling focus in this look is for a smoother finish, rather than the high-volume swell of the previous style. Again the hairstyle is created using a blow-out, but with a texturing product and brush to turn the ends of the hair inward. A dab of pomade is used after to give layered hair some definition and emphasize the texturing in those layers.

Curled Bob

Curled stacked bob with an elongated nape
Curled bob haircut
Short curled hair style
In an intriguing blend of texture, wave and finishing techniques we find this uniquely eye-catching hairstyle. Starting with a stacked bob with an elongated nape contour and blunt, concave fringe, the sides, crown and back portions of the head are curled into sharp, firm ringlets that are fluffed carefully to form an artful arrangement.
The forward portion of the top section and the fringe are styled with a glossy-smooth finish to lie close to the scalp and the forehead. The curls can be further set using a light mist of hairspray and a gentle scrunch to redefine them if they become frizzed.

C-Shape Haircut Line

Hair with a C-shaped cutting line
Hair with razor cut layers
Sweeping medium length hairstyle
Long, razor-cut layers fall in a sweeping c-shaped cutting line as the length ranges from below the chin to below the shoulder. The hair is styled straight and smooth, but with softness and subtly curving lines to frame the face.
The perimeter of the hair is heavily textured for a diffuse and softened look. The hair is blow-dried straight, with texturing product and then raked through with fingers covered in smoothing serum. The finished look is one of defined strands, slightly mussed, in an edgy and wild-woman way.

Rounded Hairstyle with Curls

Full-volume hairstyle with curls and a rounded silhouette
Hairstyle for natural curls
Hairstyle with volume and curls
Here's a full-volume hairstyle with crisply defined curls and a soft, rounded silhouette. The basic cut is a beveled bob, with just enough layering to prevent a pyramid effect and give the style a rounded appearance. The style works best with natural curls, but the curl can be created using a permanent wave, or roller set.
If natural, the hair should be dried using a diffuser and fluffed to give it maximum volume. A lightweight styling product should be used to add shape and hold to the style and to allow for the lift and hold necessary to create the asymmetrical volume at the upper side of the head. An all-over misting of hairspray provides a finishing hold.

Contoured Bob

Contoured bob cut to balance an angular face
Hair with a steep cutting line
Hairstyle for an angular face
This is a contoured bob, most commonly characterized by the steeply curving line of the cutting line that follows the shape of the jaw line.
The fringe is kept long and directed to the right to become part of the overall style. It serves as a golden veil and helps to provide balance to an angular face, or draw focus away from imbalanced or prominent features.
The passive side of the style features lengths that terminate at the bottom of the ear and curve upward to join the lengths of the opposing side in a clean line at the back of the head.

Classic Bob Cut

Classic bob hairstyle with blunt squared ends
Straight bob haircut with a horizontal fringe
Blunt cut bob
The classic bob cut features blunt, squared ends and a horizontal fringe that extends to mid-temple on each side of the face. This hairstyle is all about clean, straight lines and smooth, sharp angles.
The hair should be blown out straight with a flat brush and treated with protective products and smoothing serum.
Once dry, the hair can be passed through a flat iron to give crispness to the finish, while shine enhancers will provide the glossy sheen that enhances the hair color.

Two-Tiered Hairstyle

Two-tiered haircut
This two-tiered hairstyle features a foreground with its bottom edge falling to ear length, serving as a guide for layering the side and top sections. The crown and nape sections extend to shoulder length, cut blunt and beveled for visual impact and balance.
TThe forward portion of the hair is styled for full volume, with lift at the scalp and the lengths directed in sweeping arcs to create a semi-concealing veil across the face. The overall effect is one of wildness and free-spiritedness, with an edgy, post-apocalyptic feel.
Hair By: Yilshen Sherif & Heather Hookey at GWI
Makeup: Sophie Wheater
Clothes stylist: Jennie Warner
Photographer: Ian Hooten
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