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Pastiche by Sanrizz

  • long hair pointing inwards
  • bob with wisps
  • short bob
  • bob with an undercut
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This is an “out of this world” collection of über-modern, cutting edge contemporary styles that automatically makes one think of how people might look like in another dimension, or our own people a thousand years from now.
The makers incorporated special-effect photography with incredibly skilled stylists that use angles, colors, curves and make-up to make the models look heavily exotic to the point that they look like they’re of a different species.
Other than the incredible entertainment value of this cool collection, you’ll be surprised how much inspiration you can siphon from the different cuts, colors and styles, even if you’re looking for a totally “normal” hairstyle.
The most impressive thing about all these styles and cuts is that it is incredibly adaptable, and with a few variations it can be down-toned into a perfectly “normal” look.
Hair: Sanrizz Artistic Team
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Styling: Sabina Emrit
Photography: Luis Vidali
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