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Metamorphoses by BUNDY BUNDY

Goddess: The look by BUNDY BUNDY
What hairstyle do today’s goddesses have? On the occasion of their visit to the exhibit “Goddess” in New York City, Hans and Georg Bundy challenged themselves as well as their artistic team with that question. Even the legendary editor-in-chief of the American fashion bible “Vogue”, Anna Wintour, signed on: she chose the most impressive photographic images concerning the “Eternal Myth of the Female”. We are happy to present the team’s answer to the question: the stylistic devices of the past were adapted to the present using current innovations without ever losing sight of the future.
A modern interpretation of Greek antique looks or the curly mane sported by film divas such as Marilyn Monroe was developed for the year 2004. What’s new about it is the way the hair feels. As opposed to earlier looks, this new and innovative BUNDY BUNDY look won’t try to keep you from freely running your hands through your hair. The hairdo will not only keep its shape, but will also develop an even more interesting structure the more you touch your hair.
  • haircut with a disconnected fringe
  • hair styled flat
  • structured up-style
  • hairstyle with volume
  • hairstyle for curlier hair
  • behind the ear hairstyle
  • short roller-set curls
  • neo-grecian hairdo
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The heavenly BUNDY BUNDY look
BUNDY BUNDY unites the team’s inimitable know-how in hair coloring methods and the unique haircutting techniques used by this leading national and international team of stylists. Or could you tell that this lavish curly hairdo can easily be turned into an office-adequate straight page-boy cut with the help of a common hairdryer?
Unlike any other company, BUNDY BUNDY is known for its innovative corporate philosophy that structures its prices in a democratic fashion. This gives customers the choice between the top of the line “Couture” service or the more sensibly priced “Style-In” service.
Metamorphoses by BUNDY BUNDY
The season is full of surprises courtesy of BUNDY BUNDY. The traditional Austrian corporation proves that it is a leading force in the training of its future hairdressing elite with a strong focus on solving the questions about future trends and the generation of networker’s hair styling needs. This was one of the team’s main mantras for the creation of the fall/winter look for 2003/4.
Here is their answer: a style that allows you to reinvent yourself several times during the course of the day. Following their motto “Function over Form”, BUNDY BUNDY created this fringe haircut that can easily be transformed into four brand-new looks. “Disconnected” is the name of this new cutting technique which benefits from the interaction between shortly cropped patches and wild, romantic strands.
New Generation by BUNDY BUNDY
The networker generation’s new needs: who demands four different hairstyles with one haircut will not settle for only one hair color. This knowledge inspired BUNDY BUNDY’s artistic team to develop groundbreaking multicolor hair coloring techniques. When styled conservatively, these multicolored strands appear to give the hair a strict graphical structure.
When hair is down, these perfectly matched colors look extremely lively. First time customers with BUNDY BUNDY will profit from BUNDY BUNDY’s thorough knowledge of hair care products which are considered to be the leading products Austria.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team