Tchip - Hairstyles SS16

Hairstyles for blonde and red hair
This hairstyles collection treads the line between hot and cold without a qualm. Whether you prefer smoking hot reds and coppers, or the frostbite coolness of ash and baby blondes, this collection succeeds to pack one incredible punch within the space of only six images.
You’ll probably change your mind at least three times concerning whether you prefer red or blonde before you’ve reached the end of the collection, but we can promise that you’ll experience a hairdressing paradigm shift by the time this is over.
The motto of this collection is “never say never”, so break free from your personal boundaries and dare to be different. Hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride, swerving between burning flicks of reds and icy wisps of blonde!

Laid-back Hairstyle with Curls

Long laid-back hairstyle with curls
Here we have a very laid-back hairstyle that has been typified especially by the likes of AnnaLynne McCord in the past few years. The model’s long hair has been curled with a small-barreled tong and subsequently been gently combed out and fluffed by the stylist to make it look very natural and informal.
If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, you can imitate this look by attaching a diffuser to the mouth of your hairdryer, spraying your hair with a gel spray, flipping your hair upside down and gently drying it with the diffuser. The diffuser creates the same kind of curls as seen here when drying naturally curly or wavy hair.
The natural medium blonde hair color and the natural make-up only increase the laid-back energy of the image.

Plaited Hair

Hairstyles - Plaited hair for a Mohawk look
This is a style that Kristen Stewart, Kylie Kardashian, Alicia Keys and Rihanna as well as a bevy of other beauties favor above classic styles. Although the model has long blonde hair, it emulates an incredibly edgy and fun Mohawk style by just incorporating tight side-braids and flipping the hair over to the opposite side.
Her light-blonde, honey hued hair has been plaited very tightly in two parallel braids from the hairline in a sloping angle to the nape of the neck, where it has been secured with crisscrossed bobby pins.
Remember to use golden pins for blonde hair and dark pins for dark hair to disguise it better. The tips of the loose hair have been curled with a large-barreled tong, while the rest of the bangs are styled to the opposite side.

Slighlty Angled Long Bob

Hairstyles - Slightly angled long bob
Here we have a classically attractive and über feminine look that will always be a winner. The model’s light, honey-blonde hair is cut into a slightly angled, long bob. The differences of length of the layers of the bob are minor, which means that the bob looks really full of dimension and movement.
The side-part increases the youthfulness and glamour elements of the style, while also making her fine-structured hair look much fuller and voluminous than it actually is.
The model’s natural light brown re-growth is left untouched, while a light brown tint has been applied to flow into the light blonde dominant color of the style. This makes the hair color super easy to maintain, especially for the light brunettes. The curls and touch of color on her lips inject a subtle element of fun.

Medium Length Hairstyle

Medium hairstyles - Highlights
This medium length hairstyle oozes Parisian cool and sophistication, while keeping in perfect step with contemporary fashion.
The model’s hair has been highlighted with very fine and tightly packed highlights to achieve that predominantly light blonde color, but still keeping color-dimension and hue movement. This also increases the flow of color between the model’s dark blonde natural base and the highlighted hair, which is especially practical when the hair gradually grows out.
Focus is put on the model’s beautiful lips and wide mouth, while the rest of her makeup is left minimalistic except for defining the eyebrows.
Her hair has a slight parting, to create the gentle flare of hair in face framing perfection. It was blow-dried with a large barreled brush used to manipulate the hair to create the dimensions of angles and directions.

Layered Bob for Red Hair

Hairstyles - Layered bob for red hair
Wow. If this doesn’t stop the traffic when you’re crossing the street; the people in your city must be color blind. This intense shade of copper-red is an eye-wateringly, heart-stopping beautiful color that will have you standing out of a sea of faces without a doubt.
The model’s layered bob has been curled only along the tips to make it look wispy and enigmatic, especially when coupled with the hot red lipstick and come-hither facial expression. The thick, full bangs only increase the vibrant-to-the-max energy of this overall look.
The model’s quirky top signs off the finishing touches of this over flowingly foxy, retro-cool image. If you’re wild at heart with a spirit that’s untamable and a personality to match, this is about as close to perfection as you can get.

Cool Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles - Red hair with bangs
Here we have one of those insanely cool hairstyles that would probably instantly win an award if executed with this level of perfectionism coupled with unbridled creativity. The model’s hair is cut into a superlatively structured short style that can be done only by an extremely talented and experienced hairdresser; so if you’re eyeing this style, get yourself a topnotch stylist.
The slightly diagonal fringe sways direction to form a perfect curve along the temple-to-ear region. The base color is a deeply rich, red-brown, while the tips of the hair framing the model’s face are tinged with a smoking hot, intense light copper-red color that lights the whole style up like a bonfire in a July evening.
The minimalistic yet striking liquid eyeliner and intense pink lips seal the deal on this show stopping look.
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