Medium Length Fashion Hairstyles (14)

Getting the urge to cut your hair a little shorter and looking for ideas for medium hairstyles? Before your hair salon visit, you will want to make a selection of haircuts that you really like. Take a look at these inspiring photos of medium length hairstyles for girls and women!
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  • bob with crimping
  • cool haircut
  • pop hairstyle
  • caramel coloured hair
  • chestnut hair
  • midlength waves and curls
  • shoulderlength modern haircut
  • layered bob
  • modern midlength style
  • rock star style
  • loose curls for mid-length hair
  • fashionable hairstyle
  • glam hairdo
  • hair with bright color
  • intense red haircolour
  • hairstyle that frames the chin
  • modern shoulder-level bob
  • medium-sized curls
  • frayed hair
  • chin-level length bob
  • hair styled with curls for volume
  • crispy curls
  • two-tiered hairdo
  • hair trend for the season
  • must-have hairdo
  • angled bob
  • long bob with layers
  • feathery medium length hair
  • shag and bob combined
  • more medium length hairstyles

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