Medium Hairstyles Gallery (15)

Did you schedule a hair salon appointment and are you considering medium length hair? Shoulder length or maybe just below the chin? Bringing photos along to the salon appointment is always a good idea. Scroll down and discover photos of amazing medium hairstyles!
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  • eggplant haircolor
  • haircut with layers and angles
  • longish bob with inverted sides
  • hair with kinks and crimps
  • sides of the hair styled inverted
  • halo of curls
  • corkscrew curls
  • haircut for a triangular face
  • loose spiraled hair
  • swirling spirals
  • hair with soft curves
  • shoulder-level bob
  • swept up fringe
  • hairstyle with naturalness
  • smooth long bangs
  • blunt cut bangs
  • batman fringe
  • blousing hair
  • choppy midlength hair
  • curls with movement
  • haircut with energy
  • two-tiered bob
  • bouncy medium length hair
  • romantic style for medium hair
  • hair plunging over one eye
  • precision shaped hair
  • irregular haircut
  • hairdo with bow
  • hair with blue color
  • more medium length hairstyles

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