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BUNDY BUNDY is known for being always on the move. For example, in the progressive innovation of their high-quality hair products (available at BUNDY BUNDY salons and in all Bipa chain stores as the BUNDY BUNDY "IQ" hair product line). To fill customers' requests, BUNDY BUNDY have been expanding their branch network throughout Austria. And corporate responsibilities in subdivisions are being passed on to the next BUNDY BUNDY generation.
"Motion" is a major factor in our daily lives, even at the work place. And so the BUNDY BUNDY professionals want to create hairstyles for their clients that are even more dynamic and fascinating. Their motto is: Move your mind, your hairstyle will follow.
The new BUNDY BUNDY style
E-Motion is the term that gets to the heart of the BUNDY BUNDY stylists' intensions for the spring/summer season 2003. E-Motion conveys the constant desire for change and the fashionable and fascinating gestures of hair strands and curls.
E-Motion corresponds with the latest trend to be seen at the coming prêt-à-porter shows for the season. The creations of the top fashion designers appear less aggressive and fabricated than in the past. This calls for a fresh hairstyling approach with a touch of romance.
BUNDY BUNDY takes into account this trend and offers a variety of hairstyling possibilities. For a no-fuss office-look, the understated elegance of a clever asymmetrical haircut works perfectly. For a trendy clubbing-look or for special occasions, the BUNDY BUNDY stylists employ more extravagant curling techniques with a completely new twist.
The new BUNDY BUNDY shades and cuts
For the spring/summer season, E-Motion also defines the basis of inspiration for new hair coloring and cutting methods. BUNDY BUNDY stylists encourage their clientele to try new tones; "How about a cool platinum blond with sinfully lustrous lips? A red-hot maroon or a noble black with a silky sheen would also be worth a try!", they might suggest.
New hair cutting techniques help define the latest BUNDY BUNDY trend statement. With undercutting, asymmetrical cutting and with various hair lengths, practically any look is made possible. Whether from Hollywood diva to eye-catching hippie or something in between, you make your own moves.

Hairstyle to Elongate the Face

Long hairstyle to elongate a wider face
This long sleek razor-cut hairstyle is reminiscent of the shag style popular in the mid-to-late 70s. The look is updated with the clean, silky texture compliments of modern styling techniques and products.
The haircut features a long, curved fringe, finely textured layers surrounding the face, and draping down the sides and back. The long, smooth styling is perfect for our apple-cheeked model and helps to elongate the wider proportions of her face.
Styling is accomplished using a blow-dryer with a flat brush and a smoothing serum. The hair is dried carefully to keep it as smooth as possible and followed up with passes through a flat iron to give the sleek, glassy finish.

Carefree Hairstyle

Carefree long hairstyle, with tousled styling for a casual look
Just a few simple touches and the sleekly styled long haircut gets a whole new life as a carefree, edgy hairstyle. By using a malleable styling product, the hair is given definition and you gain the ability to adjust and modify the hair throughout the day.
Here we have the hair tousled and divided into tendrils. The direction of the tendrils is carefully haphazard to give a casual look that is still well-groomed.

Tendrils Framing the Face

Hair wound in a spiral fashion to create corkscrews
This is a third styling built off of the shag cut shown in photo one and photo two. However, this hairstyle is all about structure and control. The hair is styled smooth and the majority is drawn back to the nape of the neck and confined there.
The layered tendrils framing the face and sides are then taken and wound spiral fashion around a large-barrel curling wand, creating smooth, sharp corkscrews of hair. As a contrast to the sleek styling at the scalp, these curls are a perfect foil and provide idea accents. The hair is simple and elegant without being too "frou-frou".

Bob with Soft Layering

Medium haircut that blends a classic chin-length bob with soft layering
This is a medium long haircut that blends the elements of the classic chin-length bob with the softer layering underneath. The cut is two-tiered with the outer layers creating a weight line that enhances the silhouette while the lower layers are choppy and add softness to the style. The hairstyle features a clearly delineated fringe with a horizontal cutting line and razor-texturing.
The hair is styled best using a smoothing serum and leave-in conditioner and blow-dryer to get the hair mostly dry as opposed to fully dry. The lower layers are scrunched to add some bulk and preserve the natural wave of the hair.
Enhancing both the cut and styling is the clever use of hair colors. The deep maroon shade at the scalp gradually lightens and brightens to a ruby-tone at the neck. This is likely created using a two-stage process wherein the hair is lightened on the ends in stages so that the ends are lightest and the hair darkens as it nears the scalp.

Vintage Finger Wave Hairstyle

Updo with a nod to the vintage finger wave hairstyles of the 30s and 40s
With a subtle nod to the vintage finger wave hairstyles of the 30s and 40s, this style is chic and playful. The look is created on a cut of long layers, but is one of short and tidily confined hair. The damp hair is plied heavily with strong hold styling gel and a fine-tooth comb is used to direct the hair into smooth, even curves and swirls that follow the contours of the scalp.
At various intervals, slim tendrils are taken and shaped into ribbons that are arranged as filigree ornamentation over the rest of the hair. It is probably easiest to create such a style by sectioning the hair and working with outer sections first. Keep your "ornament" sections secured and create the patterns on the smooth flat hair surface as desired.

Haircut for a Long Slender Nose

Haircut styled to combat the prominence of a long slender nose
Here we have a choppy, medium long shag haircut done in platinum blonde. The long fringe is cut with a curved line and the obscured side parting adds asymmetry where it is needed to combat the prominence of the model's long slender nose. The choppy layers create a curved visual silhouette and balance the angular features.
The styling is simplistic: the hair is blown out with a vented brush, and a dab of pomade on the finished hair gives definition to the layers and allows for a subtly mussed hairstyle.

Long Layered Black Hair

Long layered and razor-cut black hair
This long layered hairstyle is classic and made all the more stunning for being created on a head of silky onyx strands. The color is deep and glossy and shows the layers and styling to best effect. The layered-style is razor cut to give soft edges and a lighter, airy feel. It features a long, curved fringe which frames the face and finely textured layering to lessen the bulk of the hair and make it seem more voluminous.
The look is best achieved through blow-out with a large round brush to direct and shape the curves of the layers. A dab of styling product applied with the fingertips creates tendrils and definition in the layers. The hairstyle is at once romantic and lacy and casual.

Carefree Look

Carefree look with free-flowing long hair
Our final hairstyle in this collection is also built from a long-layered cut as a base. This time, however, the long hair is colored a blend of pale golden blonde with platinum highlighting. The layers are razor-cut to be choppy and to create an edgy, carefree look.
The hair is blown-out to lie straight with a flat brush and some root-lift spray for extra volume at the scalp. The style has tons of movement and freedom and invites the viewer to run his fingers through it. With only a little effort the style could be easily twisted up for evening wear, but looks most effective when allowed to flow free and wild.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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