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BUNDY BUNDY is known for being always on the move. For example, in the progressive innovation of their high-quality hair products (available at BUNDY BUNDY salons and in all Bipa chain stores as the BUNDY BUNDY "IQ" hair product line). To fill customers' requests, BUNDY BUNDY have been expanding their branch network throughout Austria. And corporate responsibilities in subdivisions are being passed on to the next BUNDY BUNDY generation.
"Motion" is a major factor in our daily lives, even at the work place. And so the BUNDY BUNDY professionals want to create hairstyles for their clients that are even more dynamic and fascinating. Their motto is: Move your mind, your hairstyle will follow.
  • apple-cheeked face shape
  • long hairstyle for a casual look
  • corkscrews of hair
  • delineated fringe
  • fingerwave hairdo
  • prominent nose haircut
  • comfortable romantic look
  • long layered haircut
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The new BUNDY BUNDY style
E-Motion is the term that gets to the heart of the BUNDY BUNDY stylists' intensions for the spring/summer season 2003. E-Motion conveys the constant desire for change and the fashionable and fascinating gestures of hair strands and curls. E-Motion corresponds with the latest trend to be seen at the coming prêt-à-porter shows for this season. The creations of the top fashion designers this year appear less aggressive and fabricated than in the past. This calls for a fresh hairstyling approach with a touch of romance.
BUNDY BUNDY takes into account this latest trend and offers a variety of hairstyling possibilities. For a no-fuss office-look, the understated elegance of a clever asymmetrical haircut works perfectly. For a trendy clubbing-look or for special occasions, the BUNDY BUNDY stylists employ more extravagant curling techniques with a completely new twist.
The new BUNDY BUNDY shades and cuts
This spring/summer season, E-Motion also defines the basis of inspiration for new coloring and cutting methods. BUNDY BUNDY stylists encourage their clientele to try new tones; "How about a cool platinum blond with sinfully lustrous lips? A red-hot maroon or a noble black with a silky sheen would also be worth a try!", they might suggest.
New cutting techniques help define the latest BUNDY BUNDY trend statement. With undercutting, asymmetrical cutting and with various hair lengths, practically any look is made possible. Whether from hollywood diva to eye-catching hippie or something in between, you make your own moves.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team