Pur Contraste by Bruno Melgani

Fashion haircuts with long and short sections
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The contrasts in Bruno Melgani's collection for the new fashion season present themselves in two ways. Color and texture are the elements that are pushed to the edge and even over it. The result are hairstyles for men and women that take looks that we thought we knew to an entire new level.
Layers, A-lines, high necks and geometric shapes take on a new persona with Bruno Melgani's special treatment. The play with shadow and light, long and short sections in the same haircut and a lot of feeling make this collection one to take a long look at. Perhaps your new favorite is right here!

Wearable Art

Long A-line haircut with the hair longer in front
Black hair with white highlights
Hair fashion with white highlights
The collection begins with a venerable work of wearable art. Pure lines and pure hair colors set the tone. The long A-line cut is one of the most striking shapes in the world of hair fashion and in Bruno Melgani's interpretation the classic is a touch longer in front than mostly seen and an intricate application of white highlights boosts the drama.
The lace-like whisper of white is a beautiful contrast to the dense black and softens the entire look. Styling puts emphasis on smoothness and a silky texture without any straying hairs.

Layers within Layers

Medium long hair with layers of hair color
Hairstyle with contrasting hair colors
Haircut with textured tips
The theme of layering was taken to the max with them appearing in the cut as well as in the special effect hair coloring. The long sleek lines are tapered and textured along the edges. A fine-tuning that lends a feathery character to the lower part of this stunning haircut.
On the top half the heavy texture in the tips contrasts the thick and sleek structure of the style and the highlights. These result from an application of color in sheets or layers. A dark underneath shines through the blond top, depending on the movement of the hair.

Form Fitting Haircut

Trendy spiky and form fitting short haircut
Short haircut that narrows towards the neck
So many spikes and so smooth! Bruno Melgani combined extreme texture with sharp, pointy tips and put them all in a round and gentle shape. In addition to this already sizzling combination some asymmetry was added to make it truly spectacular. Bangs are short, but they transition into longer tendrils, which hug the face on both sides.
The mass of the hair sits on top, and the silhouette narrows towards the neck. During styling the hair was lifted at the roots to boost volume without however lifting the entire hair up. All of the motion and dimension of this short modern haircut is enhanced by a lot of highlights and lowlights.

Rugged and Sexy

Short middle of the neck hair styled towards the back
Middle of the neck length haircut
Styled towards the back, the great texture of the short layered haircut really comes out and forms a stunning and very flattering contour. The hair reaches to about the middle of her neck where it gently curves around the ears towards the front and all the rest of the hair is directed towards the back and styled with a lot of airy volume in mind.
The root lift can be done with a styling brush and a blow dryer and it gives the hair a very elegant lightness and even though the hairstyle has so many pointy and rugged elements, the general impression is one of softness. A fun and very chic touch are the long strands that shape half of a frame for her fully exposed face.

Short to Long

Short haircut with a short graduated neck
Short haircut with contrasting lengths
This shapely haircut uses the contrast of lengths with a very short neck that was finely graduated to smooth itself against the shape of the head and nape. The upper part of it is long enough to shape it to a perfectly round form that has a lot of lift from underneath, at the root level. From this neat and sleek shape the haircut transitions to a whole different look in front, where the hair is long and textured.
The diagonally styled fringe covers the eyes and fizzles out at the level of the cheekbones. It is thin enough to function like a smooth veil of mystery that allows hot glances to reach through it. Also in front some bold highlights were added to take the edginess even further.

Mesmerizing Geometry

Short blonde hair with a black streak
They say every one has a dark side. Now you can show yours! Of course the first attention getter of this short hairstyle is the wide black hair color streak that graces the long, rounded bangs and contrasts nicely to the sterling silver color of the bowl shaped haircut. At second glance however you will discover all of the meticulously crafted elements that make this haircut so special.
The laser sharp cutting line, the face hugging, small sideburns that not only complete the look but also bring attention to her cheekbones, the intricate graduating of the neck and along the sides and last but not least the finesse of the shape of the fringe.

Flirty in Auburn

Short haircut with the hair fluffed up
Short haircut with the hair flipped out in the neck
Short haircut that is fun to wear
A feisty short haircut and a spicy color, what could be more fun to wear? This great cut is so versatile that you will never run out of different looks to style. In this version the top hair was fluffed up to cotton candy volume and soft peaks.
The sides were pulled into the face for a dramatic effect, and the hair in the neck is flipped out in a soft curve. All of the texture makes this look edgy and soft at the same time, and that is the secret to most of the new hairstyles of the season. Feminine, but with a bold statement and power.

Frothy Treat

Light short and maintenance-free haircut
Carefree short haircut
Adorable and easy to wear short hairstyles
A haircut so light and short that you won't even feel you have one! Made not just for hot summer days or maintenance-free hair care, this adorable short hairstyle will make you look special and unique anywhere and for all occasions.
In the photo the textured layers were scrunched and ruffled in the styling process to generate a charming flip in the tips and a surface full of movement. The same cut can also be dressed down; it just depends on the hair styling products and techniques that are used. Have fun with it!

Shaped and Contoured

Easy maintenance men's haircut
The Bruno Melgani man dares to be bold and show his taste in fashion. He does not comply with everyday cuts that are more practical than making a statement. This dapper short men's haircut offers both: easy maintenance at home and a great expression of style.
All it takes is an asymmetrical shape when looked at from the front and superior cutting techniques that deliver a fine texture and meticulous outline. Melgani also includes the facial hair into the entire look with the sideburns and beard shaved to the same length and handsome shape with a sharp outline.

Classic but New

Haircut that integrates a beard
Short haircut and a beard
The design of this male haircut integrates the beard and transitions into the facial hair in a most artistic way. It will take a lot of re-trimming to keep this neat and extremely attractive look in shape, but it is worth it.
The top has elements of a classic men's cut with a side part and the hair slightly pomaded and slicked to the side and then back in a dynamic curve. Lots of shine comes as a bonus. The big contrast is in the sides which are supershort and have a fine contour.
Hair: Bruno Melgani
Make-up: Mariana Miteva
Styling: MJeremy Bueno
Photography: Eric Forlini
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