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Pur Contraste by Bruno Melgani

  • long A-line haircut
  • hair colors with contrast
  • trendy spiky haircut
  • short hair styled towards the back
  • graduated nape haircut
  • hair with a black streak
  • feisty short haircut with fluffed hair
  • light short hairstyle
  • fashion haircut for men
  • male haircut and beard
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The contrasts in Bruno Melgani's collection for the new fashion season present themselves in two ways. Color and texture are the elements that are pushed to the edge and even over it. The result are hairstyles for men and women that take looks that we thought we knew to an entire new level.
Layers, A-Lines, high necks and geometric shapes take on a new persona with Bruno Melgani's special treatment. The play with shadow and light, long and short sections in the same haircut and a lot of feeling make this collection one to take a long look at. Perhaps your new favorite is right here!
Hair: Bruno Melgani
Make-up: Mariana Miteva
Styling: MJeremy Bueno
Photography: Eric Forlini
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