Semi-short Fashion Hairstyles (9)

Semi-short hairstyles for women are neither long nor short. This length is open to all types of styling, including braids, updos and a ponytail. Medium hairstyles are nowadays maybe the most popular hair length for women. Let these pretty medium hairstyles inspire you for your next hair salon visit!
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  • vintage look
  • jagged bangs
  • medium long curly bob
  • bob haircut and silk blouse
  • steep angled bob
  • sensual look
  • side-swept fringe
  • wavy blonde hair
  • longish bob
  • bob with longer strands
  • hair with streaks
  • medium hairstyle - HairPoint By Perényi
  • face covered by hair
  • colored Asian hair
  • purple hair
  • mohawk look
  • sporty hairstyle
  • face framing hair style
  • nose-line layers
  • large curls
  • contrasting hair colors
  • blunt cut bangs
  • edged bangs
  • black veil of hair
  • hair angling toward the face
  • striking hair color
  • leopard hair piece
  • almost shoulder length blonde hair
  • modern neklength haircut
  • more medium length hairstyles

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