Semi-short Fashion Hairstyles (9)

Semi-short hairstyles for women are neither long nor short. This length is open to all types of styling, including braids, updos and a ponytail. Medium hairstyles are nowadays maybe the most popular hair length for women. Let these pretty medium hairstyles inspire you for your next hair salon visit!
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  • Vintage hair with waves and feathery styling
  • Medium length hairstyle with curved sides and jagged bangs
  • Dynamic above the shoulders bob with large curls
  • Below the chin bob haircut with heavy bangs
  • Steep angled bob with a very short neckline
  • Feminine neck-length haircut with smooth styling
  • Medium length layered haircut with side-swept bangs
  • Wavy blonde hair with elements of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Longish bob with bangs for red hair
  • Angled bob with layers and pointy tips
  • Layered bob with feathered sides and streaks
  • Choppy hairstyle with length that covers the neck
  • Asymmetrical mid-length bob with a short neck section
  • Hairstyle with streaks for dark Asian hair
  • Razor-cut purple hair with angled bangs
  • Mohawk inspired hairstyle for women
  • Sporty medium length hairstyle with waves
  • Face framing haircut with bangs for mid-length hair
  • Medium long hair with layering from the nose-line
  • Semi-short hairstyle with straight bangs and large curls
  • Hair with contrasting colors and various lengths
  • Hairstyle with light spiral curls and blunt bangs
  • Shoulder length hair with edged bangs and spiral curls
  • Semi-short blonde hair with a black under-color
  • Futuristic hairstyle with a shortened back section
  • Shoulder length hairstyle with challenging hair colors
  • Platinum blonde hair with a leopard pattern hair piece
  • Blonde below the collar hairstyle with smooth lines
  • Neck-length haircut with heavy blunt cut bangs
  • more medium length hairstyles

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