Gandini Club - AW08

Feminine hairstyles for all ages
The Holidays will be especially festive with the hairstyles created by the Gandini Club team. Dominant curls, smooth surfaces and strong textures are brought together to shape this line of luxurious, feminine hairstyles.
The haircuts range from long to short and cover a palette from bluish black to silvery blonde. The key element of this stunning collection is the interplay of textures and the energy that only develops when contrasting elements are brought together.
Gandini's Team again convinces us with their sophistication and finesse. Women of all ages and with all hair types can find their new look for the coming season, which suddenly does not appear to be that cold any more.

Side Swept Bangs

Smooth hair with curled ends
Real finesse is in simplicity. Thick curls bring volume to the lower part of this charming hairstyle. The most intriguing element however is the grand curve that is formed by the thick and long bangs that are swept to the side.
The hair appears to have a uniform length, but towards the end generous layers and a gentle roundness of the cutting line add more movement to the look.

Stylish Touch

Supple style for long brown hair
This sleek seduction comes with a supple, rich surface and texture. Everything about this hairstyle comes in generous intensity. The color has transitions of warm brown tones with the darkest areas towards the back and the bottom part of the hair.
Small strands of a vanilla hue play with the light in the front section that is swept to one side, creating a stylish and mysterious touch to the face.

Flowing Long Hair

Long shiny blonde hair with large waves
Show off your long, shiny hair with these large waves that combine sophistication and romance in one look. The hair is parted on the side and frames the face in a golden blond cascade of lusciousness. Smoothing products help to avoid any frizz and keep the hair flowing like a solid piece of silk.

Large Curls and Movement

Long trapeze shaped hair with large curls
Sheer opulence is one key to being the center of attention. Touched by the hand of a master the sleekness on top of this medium blond creation transitions into a ravishing cloud of large curls that not only defy gravity but also seem to lift all limitations of what hair can do. The outcome is a trapeze shaped piece of hair art vibrating with movement and flow.

Short Hair with Sweeping Lines

Silky short hair with sweeping lines
Exploration of textures taken to the extreme. This short hairstyle has all of the main elements of the Gandini Club collection ... sweeping lines, smooth, silky sections and textured movement together with a rich color.
However in this unique look these are taken to the max. The cut is perfectly round with a diagonal treatment of one smooth and one ruffled side, like a new flower emerging out of its bud at the end of winter.

Long Ponytail

Festive up style with a long ponytail
This luxurious updo was created by separating long hair in two horizontal sections. The hair on the crown was twirled and arranged to the oversized and delightful poof that looms over the forehead.
The rest of the hair was taken to the back and pulled tight to form a long ponytail, which was also twirled to form a balance to the front. The color is a smooth, dark honey with much golden shine and warmth.

Silvery Layered Hair

Short layered haircut for silvery hair
With the volume in all the right places this silvery short layered haircut gets its perfectly round silhouette. But within those smooth contours there is a lot of motion happening!
Small ripples of texturized strands flow around the head in a swirl that has its center on the crown. High and lowlights make pronounce the shapes and patterns even more and add light and dimension to the cut.

Elaborate Up-do

Festive hairdo with a loose knot
Nothing is more elegant than an elaborate up-do. The first step to this beautiful style is to smooth out all the hair. It has to be well conditioned, brushed and treated with smoothing lotion to create this slick surface.
The hair is tied to a long ponytail slightly on the side and then shaped into a huge, loose knot. Ends tucked under and all sprayed for extra hold and voila, an unforgettable and festive evening look that appears to be much more complicated than it really is. A beautiful piece of hair jewelry takes it all up another notch.
Hairstyles: Gandini Club