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Hairstyles Collection Autumn-Winter 2008

The Holidays will be especially festive with the hairstyles created by the Gandini Club team. Dominant curls, smooth surfaces and strong textures are brought together to shape this line of luxurious, feminine hairstyles.
  • side swept bangs
  • supple hairdo
  • shiny long hair
  • large curls
  • silky short hair
  • up style with a long ponytail
  • silvery layered haircut
  • loose knot hairdo
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The haircuts range from long to short and cover a palette from bluish black to silvery blonde. The key element of this stunning collection is the interplay of textures and the energy that only develops when contrasting elements are brought together.
Gandini's Team again convinces us with their sophistication and finesse. Women of all ages and with all hair types can find their new look for the coming season, which suddenly does not appear to be that cold any more.
Hairstyles: Gandini Club
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