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Neo Glamour Collection
The Neo Glamour Collection of hairstyles by Austria's BUNDY BUNDY team of stylists is a tribute to those style elements that make for a glamorous look. Whether sleek, smooth and structured, or voluminous and flowing, these styles can let every woman look like the star she longs to be. The creative minds of BUNDY BUNDY use combinations of color, texture and wave to give new life (and new glamour) to some classic looks.
Aquarius Collection
This Bundy Bundy collection of hairstyles is called "Aquarius" and showcases the elements of that sign in all its forms. Using cool colors, rippling waves or flowing streams to create alluring classic looks with a modern edge.
Think Pink Collection
Austria's Bundy Bundy team brings us a collection of modern, edgy hairstyles for the livelier side of life. Combining bold shapes with texture, sharp lines and vibrant color, these styles show energy and a playful side of a woman's personality. The looks build on basic cuts and add modern elements to create up-to-date styles.

Curls that Caress the Cheeks

Long blonde hairstyle with curls that caress the cheeks
This long-layered hairstyle is created on a canvas of buttery-blonde hair. We're talking Marilyn-blonde, or Jayne Mansfield-blonde. This is the kind of blonde that demands that heads turn and eyes follow you when you glide across the floor of a room.
The style features a center part and large, loose curls that caress the cheek and draw focus to the cupid bow mouth. To get this look the hair is wound well off-base on large rollers, using a strong-hold product. Once dried, the curls are combed out using the fingers or a large-tooth pick. If needed a dab of pomade can be spread along the fingers and used to redefine the curls. This is a hairstyle to which many women aspire, but few can manage to wield effectively.

Simple Bob

Simple bob with a fringe for a long angular face
This simple bob with bangs is the perfect foil for a long, angular face. The hair with its warm, dark color is as smooth and rich as chocolate ganache. The haircut is a contoured bob with a curved fringe. The styling is smooth and rounded with sufficient volume to create a soft silhouette.
Style this look using a blow-dryer and round brush on damp hair with smoothing serum applied. A flat-iron can be used to further press the hair for smoothness and create the satiny finish. A light mist of shine spray will help add depth and gloss to the hair.

Tight Knot at the Nape

Up-style with the hair slicked into a tight knot at the nape of the neck
Chic elegance and pouty-flirtatiousness is all the rage with this up-style. The soft gingery hair color is the perfect medium for this super-structured up-style. With the sides, crown and back slicked into a tight knot at the nape of the neck the soft swell of the pompadour front is even more seductive. The forward hair sections create a soft swell and wave that crosses back over itself to create the effect of its own pillbox hat.
Remember when trying to mimic this updo that you may need to ruff the forward sections for volume, and to use a strong hold gel on the sides and back to tame the loose, fuzzy stray hairs that can ruin the clean, sharp image. The real problem you'll face is that you won't find a leading man who can stand up against your star power in this look.

Drawn-Out Curls

Hairstyle with red tones adding depth to drawn-out curls
This is a hairstyle that evokes the image of the soaring valkyrie sweeping across a battlefield - or at least something equally dramatic. The deep red tones of the hair add depth and fire to the wavy texture of the drawn-out curl. The hair is cut in a layered fashion to balance and distribute the volume and is styled to take maximum advantage of the natural wave.
To create this look, apply a liberal amount of wax-based styling product to towel-dried hair and use a diffused blow-dryer to get the hair mostly-dry, raking the hair back from the sides and face using your fingers. If needed, a light misting of hair spray and a gentle squeeze with help restrain any bursts of frizz and keep the controlled, textured look.

Short Contoured Bob

Short and glossy contoured bob
Like the deepest reaches of the Marianna Trench or the still surface of a lake at midnight this contoured bob showcases the cool depth of color and the glimmering shine of moonlight on the surface of the water. The hairstyle features clearly defined edges and geometric details.
With a right-side parting and smooth glossy styling, the hairstyle is chic, sleek and sophisticated. Get the look by blow drying the hair with a round brush and smoothing serum, followed by passes with a flat iron to give a glossy finish.

Twisting Tendrils

Up-style with the hair wound up into twisting tendrils
This intricate up-style displays all the energy of a bubbling spring or babbling brook. The hair is wound up into tight twisting tendrils and secured in coils to give a very structured, and totally elegant, look.
The natural brown is neutral in base tone so that the color is overtly cool without being cold. The hairstyle is perfect for an evening of elegance and fine dining on the Riviera, or for a afternoon picnicking along a riverbank.

Smooth Styling in the Top

Long hairstyle with smooth styling in the top
The Maiden of the Mists might have looked like this. The hairstyle is created on a basic long, blunt cut. The angled parting and smooth styling in the top and crown give way to a cascade of light bulk and an increase in volume. The style calls to mind a waterfall with the shroud of mists clinging to the falling waters.
To create this look the hair should be rolled in tight curls or twisted up into coils while damp and allowed to dry. Once set, take down the twists and use a pick, wide-tooth comb your fingers to fluff the hair and direct the shape. Use a dab of product to keep the upper segments of the hair smooth and to add definition as needed in the voluminous portions.

Classic Straight Look

Long hairstyle for a classic look
This is a classic look: a long, blunt cut and smooth straight styling. The hair is blown out with a paddle brush and very light (if any) styling product. The dry hair may be passed through a hot iron to give it a smooth finish, but the goal is to give it a style that moves freely. The end result is a free-flowing style that moves easily in streams and eddies and whose surface is stirred by the breeze.
The hairstyle is deceptively simple, but the secret is in the details: use leave-in conditioners and smoothing serum to give the hair softness and healthy sheen without weighty styling hold.

Mussed Hair

Mussed short hair with point-cut texturing
This shaggy, textured short haircut builds from a classic bowl-cut adding in box-layering and point-cut texturing to give the style an edgier look. The rich color and glossy shine show off the hair's texture and depth by reflecting the light in hundreds of glistening refractions.
The styling is accomplished best using a wax-based or paste-type product for structure and a diffused blow dryer with fingers to add volume and create an artistic mussed look.


Short hairstyle, undercut and nearly shaved to the scalp
Here we see a short hairstyle that has elements of the classic bowl cut as well as the"bob. The perimeter is cut with rounded but blunted edges. The fringe is also rounded with a curve that follows a line over the brow.
The whole style is undercut, with the lower portions of the hair on the underside of the style being nearly shaved to the scalp. This allows the hair to lie closer to the scalp and minimizes the bulk in the lower areas of the head.
The styling is done using a smoothing product and blow-dryer with brush to give a smooth controlled finish.

Freely Moving Hair

Casual and freely moving short hair
Again we see a bob cut base transformed by the side curved parting and deep texturing of the hair framing the face. The soft blonde shade of color has a slight golden tinge which lends its warmth without being too "gold".
The hair color is natural and has subtle variations. The short haircut features a long fringe area that is heavily textured and styled to create lots of slim tendrils of hair to give a choppy effect. The end result is a style that is freely moving and casual, with an edgy look and feel.

Flaming Red Hair

razor tool hairstyle
This short hairstyle is a heavily exaggerated pixie cut done with a razor tool. The layers are deeply textured and give the style a lot of visual interest. Executed on a head of flaming red hair the color has lots of dimensional depth with fine highlight and lowlight striations enhanced by the texture of the haircut.
The style is best achieved using a blow-dryer and brush with a wax-based product and a touch of smoothing serum after styling to add definition. The wax-based product allows the hair to be "re-mussed" as needed.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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