Pics of Medium Length Hairstyles (17)

Are you feeling a little bored with your current hairstyle? In need of a new cut and style? A fashionable medium length haircut will chase away boredom and make you stand out in the crowd. These photos of awesome medium length hairstyles for women will have you reaching for the nearest pair of shears!
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  • Red medium length hair with choppy layers
  • Chocolate brown hair with blonde streaks
  • Savvy fashion haircut for medium long blonde hair
  • Blonde Marilyn Monroe hair with roller-set curls
  • Easy to style haircut with carefree layers
  • Windswept look for mid-length Asian hair
  • Pageboy haircut with the sides styled close to the face
  • Bob haircut with a longer fringy nape section
  • Long bob with bangs that embraces the chin
  • Hair with a flat internal shape and asymmetrical outer lines
  • Platinum blonde bob with very straight bangs and tapered sides
  • Blonde shag hairstyle with sides that flip out
  • Variation on a bob with sloping bangs
  • Medium length bob with shaped curls
  • Mid-length haircut with pie-shape hair sections
  • Medium length hair with loose curls
  • dark hair with cork-screw curls
  • Shear cut medium length hair with ends that flip up
  • Sleek and versatile medium length hairstyle
  • Curly medium length hair with a high side part
  • Blonde bob with razored ends and side bangs
  • Medium length wavy hair with a side part
  • Soft razored bob with layers and rounded lines
  • Smooth medium length hair with an outward curve
  • Contemporary medium length hairstyle with a natural feel
  • Shoulder long center parted hair with layers and curls
  • Smooth medium length bob with a curved shape
  • Blonde bob with curls and a side part
  • Angled bob with a layered back and curls
  • more medium length hairstyles

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