A-line Bobs (3)

There is something sensationally chic about A-line bobs. A-line bobs are shorter in the back and angled so that the hair is longer at the front. Are you considering a stylish bob haircut? Take inspiration from these stunning angled bobs and call your hairdresser!
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  • Catherine Bell's slightly angled bob
  • Rachel Melvin's long angled bob
  • Victoria Beckham's tapered bob
  • bob with a shorter neck zone
  • Catherine Bell's lifted bob
  • bob with strong asymmetry
  • short bob with a lifted neck
  • easy to style short bob
  • short bob with volume
  • angled red hair
  • satiny chin length bob
  • shimmery bob with graduation
  • angled shoulder length bob
  • bob cut with a shorter neck
  • angled chin line bob
  • preppy bob with a forward angle
  • graduated bob that exposes the neck
  • bob with a steep and long front
  • short bob with smooth graduation
  • red bob with an angled jaw line
  • inverted bob with streaks
  • blonde A-line bob
  • bob haircut with an elongated side
  • shorter at the beck bob cut
  • A-line bob with curls and waves
  • unstructured plunging bob
  • black and white streaked A-line bob
  • bob hairstyle that makes the face appear longer
  • bob with a longer front and a highlighted panel
  • more angled bobs

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