Inverted Bobs

There are many options when it comes to bobs, and inverted bobs are one of the most popular bob hairstyles. Inverted bobs are angled and longer in the front and short in the back. They are easy tot style and maintain. Scroll through the photos of angled bobs and get inspired for your next hair salon visit!
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  • inverted bob with short nape area
  • chin-length inverted bob cut
  • hair that extends in length along the sides
  • haircut with tight blending in the nape
  • smooth and chick stacked bob
  • bob with the nape clipped up close
  • inverted bob haircut
  • stacked bob with layering
  • bob wuth jagged sides
  • bob with long sweeping sides
  • bob with tapering
  • bob with downward line towards the front
  • smooth bob
  • a-line bob
  • bob with slight inversion
  • minimal inverted bob
  • bob with changing length
  • inverting bob
  • long concave bob
  • inverted cutting line bob
  • chin length bob with a slight angle
  • platinum blonde bob with an angled line
  • curly angled bob
  • short bob with a steep graduation
  • bob with a closely clipped nape
  • retro bob with a short nape section
  • bob with curls and a short neck
  • bob with a touch of flapper
  • Kim Raver's layered bob
  • more angled bobs

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