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James Parrucchieri Hairstyles

Looks that seem to be made for a sultry soiree make up one of the sexiest James Parrucchieri collections. "Privé" takes you the realm of secret private meetings and into a film noir atmosphere set in dampened lighting to keep the mystery alive. The short and medium long hairstyles are polished, exclusive and luxurious in their charismatic appearance.
  • glamour look for short hair
  • short and sleek red hair
  • deep fringe
  • trendy curls
  • retro updo
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Each one of them has been kissed by the muse of retro, ever so slightly to not distract too much from their very modern soul and sophisticated flair. Textures are treated as a sensual ingredient and are either extremely sleek and silky or with a lot of curly movement.
A real treat for they eyes is the magic of the colors. An inner glow permeates the reds, blacks and blondes and seasons the already powerful designs with breathtaking allure. Resistance is futile.
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