Diadema Hair Fashion - Spring Summer Hair

Easygoing haircuts for women
All the Belle Ragazze are getting ready for a fun season in the sun with a new hair makeover. Diadema has an amazing choice of haircuts for the Spring and Summer season. All are ready to wear and are made in Italy with all of the gusto and chic trendiness one can expect from this center of high international fashion.
The hairstyles are easygoing, super chic but not too casual. Styled to flow in natural lines and bouncy curves, these feminine coifs tempt with their understated elegance.
The hair colors range from a Prosecco blonde to a Tiramisu brown glistens in a precious and elegant shine which makes the hair look like the most luxurious silk in the soft light of a midnight moon in Tuscany.

Young Hairstyle

Young long hairstyle with highlights and tapered sides
Young, fresh and effortlessly chic is the nature of this wispy flirty hairstyle. As if it was taken by the warm wind of a summer's evening, the hair gently flows to the back while curving up and out.
This refreshing dynamic style is made easy by the tapered and layered cut that gives the hair much texture and lightness. The hair color is a honeyed ash blonde, warm and slightly kissed by the sun with gently highlights.

Easy Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Easy shoulder length haircut with different shades of blonde
A diagonal fringe with a deep side partition takes the bulk of the hair to one side of the face and as a welcome side effect it comes with a sexy and mysterious aura. The shoulder length hair is rather fine and got a volume boost with gentle texture in the tips and high as well low lights.
The different shades of blonde create much depth and make the hair appear to be fuller. Styling is super easy for this flirtatious look. Just blow dry the hair straight and pull the tips outward for an airy flow.

Princess Look

Long blonde hair with ribbon shape curls
The princess is back! Dare to be romantic and let out the inner fairy tale princess that we all have. If you have long hair large curls are the answer. The ribbon shaped curls in the picture were made with a medium sized curling iron.
The strong structural effect is enhanced through highlights in the sandy blonde hair. It takes some effort, but isn't it worth it?

Textured Bob

Long textured bob for brown hair
Bob with a side partition
This hairstyle gets its energy from the distinct play with multiple shades of brown hues. The cut is a heavily textured bob with elongated bangs and side partition for diagonal styling. In comes the color.
Strands in espresso, mahogany, caramel, nutmeg and walnut hues take turns and paint a beautiful pattern into the hair that comes out in different ways depending on the direction of the styling.

Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Hairstyle with volume for fine hair
Fine hair finds its epiphany with hairstyles like this. Balanced layers and a gentle wave with only fine texturing boosts the volume and comes out as an extraordinary and enchanting look.
The deep bangs that sweep across the forehead in a well style curve are chic and bring much attention to the eyes. The chestnut color has lighter and darker sections for even more dimension.

Mid-Neck Length

Medium long brunette haircut with natural appeal
The color of this medium long haircut looks like super precious and rare wood. Beauty inspired by nature. Just as the color the line of the cut also follows a natural flow, a gentle s-curve that flows from the forehead around the cheekbones and ends in a gentle point at mid-neck length. Simplicity and natural appeal are the key to the attraction of this simple yet elegant hairstyle.

Hair Transformation

Hairstyle with layers for mid-length hair
How easy can a transformation be?! The same medium hair cutcomes in a range of different flavors. For this sassy hairstyle the layers and soft texturing are showing off their wispy side.
A little mousse for better hold, a brush and a blow dryer can do the trick to turn the elegant understatement into an adventurous look for the jungle of the senses.

Long A-Line Bob

Blonde A-line bob with an extreme angle
If you want to stand out, you might opt for a hairstyle that is full with artsy contrasts. This long strict A-line bob was cut in an extreme angle to achieve the very sharp points in front.
The bangs are also extremely straight and end right above the contrasting black eyebrows. But that is not all. There is a surprise built in - one textured and very fine layer that goes all around in the length of the fringe.

Choppy Hairstyle

Choppy haircut with a long neck section
Two tone hair color
This chunky and funky hairstyle could be the reincarnation of several 80's favorite looks - all in one. The choppy and irregular length with a long neck and shorter bangs is textured and layered throughout.
The special effect and eyecatcher are strands sectioned from a mid-level layer and dyed in bright bronze tone that makes a great contrast to the blonde base.

Sexy Avantgarde

Eccentric short haircut
Short haircut with a long textured neckline
Bring together a shiny platinum blonde with an eccentric short haircut and enjoy the result of a show stopping, modern glam look.
Overlapping lengths in front, a deep, long and textured neckline, heavily textured sides, sharp angles and a smooth diagonal effect will get you looks and compliments while expressing creativity and confidence.

Tapered Sides

Spory short blonde haircut with tapered sides
This classic short hairstyle with its formfitting, well defined layers hugs the face with heavenly beige-blonde texture. The short fringe and slightly elevated crown have a beautiful retro aspect and do nothing but enhance the elegant while sporty nature of the perfectly cut and styled hair.
The hair is tapered along the sides to form a textured line between the temple and the neck. Gorgeous!

Neck Long Haircut

Blonde neck long haircut with tapering
Like the plumage of a baby bird, this short haircut presents itself in its softest incarnation. The layers of the tapered neck long cut are gently mussed up with the help of some smoothing lotion, a flexible hold product and the fingers. The bangs were styled to the side and add a fun touch to this playful and radiant style.

Gold Hair Color

Blonde side parted angled bob
White and yellow gold are fused to create the luminescent surface of this angled bob. While the shape of the cut is an example of side parted simplicity, the gold hair color goes all out. Captivating radiance results from pairing the tones of precious metals in wide streaks from top to bottom.

Tousled Look for Short Hair

short hairstyle that is easy to modify
Short hairstyles are easily modified and it only takes a few steps to change a straight, sleek style into this effervescent tousled look. The platinum color competes with the luster of the festive lighting brings an ethereal radiance to her.
Instead of just mussing the hair with mousse and fingers a hot curling iron was used to set accents like the bend in the fringe and the outward wisp on the sides.

Short Hair and a Hairband

evening look with a hairband for short hair
A little black dress and a glamorous hairband is all you need to get ready in minutes for a spectacular evening look. Even if it is not your best hair day, you can quickly transform your hairstyle from fuzzy to fabulous.
In this example the Diadema team added some curl to short hair with a hot iron and added a glitzy hair band over a smoothed fringe for a bedazzling appearance. This look is especially elegant when the color hair band is close to your own hair color, so that it does not take away too much attention.

Rounded Bob

blonde rounded bob with a partition that overlaps
The lines of this exquisite hairstyle open up like the petals of a rare flower that only blooms in the moonlight. A textured, rounded bob with a long fringe is the base and was styled to luxurious smoothness. The partition overlaps on the crown and the hair flows to rounded perfection.

Updo with a Large Barrette

Updo with large barrette
Hair styled up with a barrette
It takes some length to wind the hair up, down and around for this glamorous updo that is fit for a princess or a bride. One large barrette on top and a smaller one in the back guarantee a strong and lasting hold.
The hair was first gathered to a ponytail in the nape, slung upward, fastened with the smaller barrette and then it was twisted and guided along the side and around the base of the nape to cover up the ponytail base. A large barrette holds the elevated rear part like a crown.

Festive Up-Style

festive updo for multi-tone blonde hair
updo with the back pinned up
The multi-tone coloring of the hair brings a dramatic touch to the already breathtaking up-style. Streaks of varying blonde hues from sandy to ash blonde are lively and very 3D.
The back, after it was gathered in the nape, was pinned up with pins to shape coils and twists full of motion and romance while the front of the hair is smooth as can be with one teasing strand gracing the face with an elegant diagonal line.

Up-Style with a Bun

Festive updo with a bun and hairpins
Up-style with a bun
This is what happens when a bun dresses up. For a very festive look up styles are the best choices. This one is especially elaborate and required the hands of a skilled stylist. The hair was worked into three vertical sections. The lowest one was turned into the large bun at the nape; the middle was smoothed out and rolled into generous coils that were then invisibly pinned.
The top slightly overlaps and features another coil that was slung into a loose knot. All together forms a beautiful pattern and structure that does not need any further embellishment, but the two jewelry hairpins are charming and we can use all the glitz we can get, right?
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Art Director: Fabio Messina
Photography: Stefano Bidini
Make-up: Paolo de Vita for 20100Milano
Extension: ZeropiĆ¹
Wedding Style: Bonello Spose