Touch of Gold by NHF Inspire

Contemporary hairstyles for short hair
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Not all is gold that shines, but the new collection by NHF is as beautiful, precious and rare as the finest of metals. Cuts are performed with the utmost in precision to create geometric and very contemporary short hairstyles with a variety of textures from smooth to afro.
Styling pronounces the iconic nature of each style and also shows the versatility of each cut. Slick roundness, high spikes, ruffled layers, tiny curls or laser cut lines are molded in looks that resonate some of the highlights of past decades. 60s mod styles, disco, neo-grunge and always fun, a glimpse of punk are the flavors of this delightful buffet.
The hair colors are transparent, bold and shine in luxurious tones of ebony, platinum, gold and ruby red. A treasure chest full of fashionable looks with an edge.

Yin-yang Hair Fashion

Yin-yang haircut for short black hair
Lascivious geometry created of precision cut short black hair makes a bold statement. The clean line runs all around the head and finds its masterful crescendo in a pointed curve just at the height of the nose, separating the face into a zone of dark and one of light. A yin-yang moment in hair fashion using art nouveau ideas but creating a postmodern look.

On the Fringe

Short hair with bangs that start high on the crown
All attention is on the fringe. A classy variation of the cool previous short haircut takes the long bangs to an even bolder expression. Starting high on the crown the front section smoothes itself over the forehead and half of the face like the tender petal of a black rose.
Tips are textured to balance too much sleekness and add some spark. The hair is treated for ultimate shine, giving it a surface of precious ebony.

Millimeter Short Hair

Short black women's hair with millimeter short sides
The third version of the black short cut reveals the millimeter short hair along the sides, which is continued in the back as well. The top hair is much longer and pulled up for an expressive, yet delicate glamour look. The textured tips add to the volume and movement while they keep things light and fashionably edgy.

Hair with Varying Lengths

Medium long redhead hair with varying lengths
Varying lengths with the shortest slivers on hair right on top give this redhead its character. The layers follow their own rules and feature slick, diagonal bangs and lots of texture all over. Styling of the haircut focuses on movement and using the texture to create a light and edgy volume with ironed-in corners and scrunched sections.

Tousled Bob

Tousled bob with an A-line shape and a shiny rollneck top
Expressive glamour comes in the A-line shape of this short tousled bob. Bodacious volume is built with deconstructed waves from the high side partition to the textured tips. The diagonal fringe is mysterious and very appealing by hiding one-third of the face, accentuating the cheekbones and bringing all attention to her seductive gaze and pouty lips.

Chocolate Brown Afro

Afro curls for chocolate brown hair
Curls with determination and consequence. The motto here is round from root to tip and from the nape to the forehead. The round ball of chocolate brown hair is made up of hundreds of tiny curls, defined with utmost clarity, holding each other in place for a grand look of exotic elegance. What makes this head of curls stand out is the definition and also the precision of the contour around the face.

Hair with Purple Shades

Short cropped hair with purple shades
Purple shades in hair are not just for little old ladies any more. This precious amethyst tone gives a distinct and edgy, yet soft character to the modern short haircut. A variety of textures play with the light and with the senses.
Super short cropped sides are topped with longer, flexible sections on top, which are here styled forward in a dynamic swoop into the forehead while another burst of texture emerges from the back.

Textured Short Haircut

Short textured haircut with a purple hair color
A different styling of the previous look presents a better view at the cutting lines of this textured short cut. The sharply angled sides transition with ease into the highly textured fringe that, in this version, is styled in one direction, slightly diagonal from a high crown pivot point.
The purple hair color is so vibrant and at the same time light filled with the pearlescent radiance of the platinum base color.

Modern Page Boy Cut

Modern page boy for blonde hair
Every hair has its place in this modern page boy cut. The classic lines are disrupted by a flash of blonde jutting down from the mid crown and adding a 90-degree angle to one side of the long, full fringe.
This intriguing extension transitions to the precision cut sides and a direct and angled line. This hairstyle could come across a touch strict, but the mellow blonde color prevents this with its luxurious and iridescent shine.

Pulled To One Side

Short cut with the blonde hair pulled to one side
The discipline of the previous short cut has been replaced by ravishing movement. While the sides keep their straightlaced lines and angles, the rest of the hair is pulled to one side by an invisible force.
The amazing texture and flow in this version show how perfect the cut was to begin with to allow such a transformation.
Hair: NHF Inspire
Creative Directors: Akin Konizi and hob creative team
Make Up: Lucie Flowers
Styling: Graham Cruiz
Photographer: John Rawson
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