Colour Shots by J.7

Combinations of hair cuts and colors
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With the colder season we all need a good infusion of color to cope with the increasing gray of the days. The J.7 artistic team has the perfect remedy with their Colour Shots collection of brand-new, beautiful, glamorous, eclectic and extravagant hairstyles in short and long. Creative combinations of cut and color play with our senses, long curly temptation is irresistible and extreme texture catches attention.
The line includes unconventional haircuts and plays on classic ideas ranging from punky to sophisticated. It is especially the mix of expressive colors and bold cuts that make this collection stand out and that will bring many new fans to J.7.

Red with Black Hair Color

Daring short hair style with red and black coloring
Intensity oozes out of every fiber of this extremely short hairstyle. The short hair clings to the head like a tailored glove and no random hair undermines the excellent lines that were crafted with an eye for detail and visual surprises. Fine art rendered in hair if you are daring enough.
It takes some smoothing action to style this masterpiece and to allow the full effect of the coloring to emerge. A deep, burning hot red underneath is topped by a cool onyx black color, leaving a rim of red visible across the edge of the fringe and larger sections on the sides.

Different Shades of Hair Color

Short haircut with a long fringe and graduated sides
Short haircut with a spiked crown
Short hair with different colors
It may look exotic, but even this unique shape is inspired by nature. The design of this short haircut is so superb that it just has to be underlined and intensified with the use of different shades of color. Velvety short, graduated sides and the back are dipped in a dark espresso brown.
At the same time the oval cut, long and silky smooth top shines in a warm caramel tone. A few feather spikes in the back of the crown add another texture to the mix, and all eyes are on the curvy dip of the fringe that has its lowest point right between her eyes.

Funky Short Haircut

Short punky hairstyle with two hair colors
Short red hair with spiky styling
Funky, punky or just energized and ready for a new adventure? A different styling for the very first short haircut of this collection changes the outlook from diabolic elegance to a spiky force of nature. All of the hair, except for the sides and the back was freed from pomades or smoothing products and styled skyward.
The fine outline of the cut remains this way, but a ton of texture and fun is generated. The two hair colors are of course not as clearly separated in this version, instead you can see a softer transition of the deep, heavy and glowing red to the darker as night black.

Layers and Spikes

Modern medium length haircut with layers and spikes
As gentle as the morning mist and the smoothness of fine silk is the texture of this striking medium length haircut. Long layers and short spikes create artistic tension and tease the eye. A smoky coloring sets the mood.
Long strands frame the face with their movement and their hues of bright platinum, silver and granite. But there is nothing cold or hard about this hairstyle. The message is one of noble sophistication, modern elegance with a hint of extravagance. Feminine and soft, full of movement but also determined and confident.

Chin Line Bob

Chin length bob with daring hair colors
Every good collection of hairstyles has to have at least one version of the all time classic favorite, the bob. The shape still follows the famous lines of the original, but the J.7 stylists added a ton of sassy with a bold and daring color accent. The chin length bob is parted a finger's width off center and falls down to the chin line in a smooth curve.
The wider side of the asymmetrical partition features a wide section of black lowlights in the honey blonde base color. A simple way to increase the appeal of an elegant but tame and neat look and to add a wild and daring flavor to it.

Hair Out of the Face

Long hair with curls styled out of the face
Long layered haircut with curls
Long curly hairstyle
Long hairstyle that leaves the forehead uncovered
Long curls have always been regarded as one of the most seductive and feminine looks. This raven-haired vixen wears her curls large and out of her face. The layered haircut is parted on the side, which is always a touch more sophisticated.
The volume is soft and airy with a billowing movement as if a gentle wind just lifted the thick strands or semi deconstructed curls. The hair color, subtle as can be, is a powerful agent with a two tone, black and brown layered effect that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Romantic Midback Hairstyle

Timeless middle of the back hairstyle with curls
Timeless haircuts for men and women
A romantic and timeless hairstyle for the club or the renaissance fair that builds its volume out of numerous large curls that sway their way down all the way to the middle of her back. Parted in the center, the basic shape of the haircut is one of simplicity. A good idea since nothing could compete with the glamorous opulence and power of her long hair.
The hair color choice is a dark blonde with golden effects of light and a darker base that gently transitions from the top down and gives this look a very natural vibe.

Rebellious Men's Haircut

Great short haircut with layers for men
Hairstyle for a sexy male look
Strong movement, extreme texture and a rebellious attitude are what great hairstyles for men are made off. The long layers of this short haircut are textured for a softer finish, and they can be styled neatly and nice for the job in the daytime and for chilling time at night the transformation can be done in a minute or two.
The hair was scrunched with the fingers to enhance the texture and to create some body, and then pulled into the face for a cool look. The silhouette still remains round and a special effect is the small undercut area above the ear and including the pointy sideburns.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Make-Up: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub
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