Angled Bobs (2)

What are angled bobs? Angled bobs are bob haircuts that are shorter in the back and gradually transition to a longer length in the front. People also call them A-line bobs, inverted bobs, reverse bobs, stacked bobs or graduated bobs. Continue scrolling and find the perfect angled bob for yourself!
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  • angled bob with soft curls
  • brunette bob with a slight angle
  • bob haircut with a shorter back
  • classy bob with an angled cutting line
  • blue hair in an A-line bob
  • curled and waved angled bob
  • two tone bob cut with an angled line
  • feathery bob with a shorter nape section
  • rounded bob with a longer front
  • short bob with a trapeze shape
  • wavy bob with a longer front section
  • very short bob with angles
  • bob cut in an angle
  • bob with a shorter neck section
  • easy to style tilting bob
  • short bob with slightly angled sides
  • forward jutting jaw length bob
  • bob with volume and a shorter back section
  • plunging bob with a professional appeal
  • blonde bob with angled and tapered lines
  • bob with color transition
  • bob with highlights
  • bob with forward jutting sides
  • brunette bob with a slight angle
  • textured bob with an angle
  • jaw length angled bob
  • retro A-line bob
  • short angled bob
  • curled angled bob
  • more angled bobs

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