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XYZ Hairstyles Collection

Inspired by articulated cartoon figures (cartoon girl) and by Playmobil toy figurines, the collection creates a style with a techno feminine touch to assist the comeback of an intriguing persona, whose innocence yields to audacity with graphic luxury and electro pop detailing.
  • textured bob
  • simple haircut
  • hair cut with choppy layers
  • gossamer locks
  • shorty hairstyle
  • barrel styled bangs
  • cropped men's hair
  • short hair look for men
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Sleek geometric cutting lines, overcut techniques and well-marked thinning out of hair as a finishing touch. The hair frames the face in a sweeping movement, with multiple and adaptable lengths. The hairstyling technique defines a texture for locks that can be both crunched or smoothed, giving a visual effect of depth to the whole.
A subtle balancing of color on a mix of golden blonde and light blonde hues evoking flesh tones and pearly, sandy beige tints emphasizes this high performance style. It further enhances either the sensual, soft feel of naked skin or, conversely, an effect reminiscent of the synthetic materials toy figurines are made of.
Creative Directors: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco
Hairstyles: Michaël Del Bianco
Photos: Fabrice Hauwel
Make-up: Florence Van De Winckel
Styling: Vivianne Audenaert
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM
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