Time to Believe by é SALON

Hairstyles for facial imperfections and flaws
É Salon's "Time to Believe" hairstyles collection is a study in glam looks for the new millennium. The styles take extreme elements and exaggerate cutting lines and angles to give simple looks an intense twist.
The hair colors are intense and rich, whether pale blonde or warm auburn shades. All of the designs are asymmetrical and represent looks that are great for dealing with various facial flaws and imperfections in esthetic.

Bob Haircut

Bob hairstyle for a wide face
Our first look is an interesting interpretation of the bob haircut. The smooth, sleek look is cut with cleanly defined lines and sweeping curves. The elongated lines of the style help to compensate for and balance the wide face.
These elongated lines not only include the elliptical curve of the fringe area (which extends to the ears on one side) but also the two side lengths that bracket the face and enclose the fringe area. The resulting silhouette draws this model's squarish face into a more-rounded, oval appearance.

Shoulder-length Shag Style

Blonde shoulder-length shag with razor-cut layers
A simple, shoulder-length, shag style features an angled fringe area and razor-cut layers along the leading edge of the cut. The side parting divides the hair into asymmetrical portioning while it is styled to lie straight with gently out-turned ends.
The locks are lightly plied with pomade or smoothing serum after drying in order to add definition to the look. The length and the out-turned locks are helpful in this case to balance the broad planes of this face.

Crisply Shaped Curls

Long blonde hair with ringlets
Here's a long, layered hairstyle that once again combines smooth styling in the upper sections with clean, crisply shaped curls in the lower portions of the hair. The far-left parting and smooth swept fringe create a clean and neatly defined style.
The blown-straight hair at the upper portion of the head melds into carefully sculpted ringlets that spill forward across the shoulders. The hair is treated with a smoothing serum or pomade to add definition to the strands and keep the curls crisp and controlled.

Allover Curly Hairstyle

All over curly style for blonde hair
This full-volume hairstyle takes its cues from the high-volume styles of the 80s. Those days of all-over curly styles are reflected here in a refined state. The diffused fullness of prior-era styling is transformed into spiraling tendrils and the hair forms an ornate frame for the face.
Creating the style is a matter of blowing out the hair gently, and following up with thermal styling tools of varying sizes to create a mix of curl sizes for an organic look.

Partial Up-Styling

Partial up-style to balance a narrow face
Curls are still the way to go with this layered cut and partial up-styling. The golden blonde tones interlace with paler, buttery shades to give depth to the color and increase the shimmer and shine of the smooth curls. The side parting is randomized and the soft waves that flow across the top and brow tighten into ripples and spirals.
The concentration of the bulk at the sides of the head helps to balance a narrow face, while the asymmetrically distributed tendrils redirect the attention from overly prominent features.

Brunette Style

Shoulder length brunette hairstyle with volume
The idea that blondes have more fun is obviously a fallacy when you see the energy and sultriness in this brunette style. The shoulder-length shag style is evenly layered and styled with a smooth fringe, but has high-impact volume in the sides and back.
The wave and volume in the longer lengths is a result of careful scrunching and diffuse drying to maximize the hair's natural wave. After styling, the hair can be refreshed with a light misting of hairspray and a gentle squeeze, but the overall idea is one of casual and carefree styling.
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Sandra Toke
Styling: Alan Buanne
Photography: Peter Tabor
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