City Chic by Camille Albane

Easy to wear hairstyles for women
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With a stunning collection, Camille Albane introduces women to a new cosmopolitan style with feminine shapes and a natural appearance. Of course, a good dose of casual elegance and a trendy retro touch with elements of the 1980s and 1990s is part of the fun as well. Medium long hairstyles are full of volume and seductive waves and curls.
The shapes are flowing and natural just as the colors which cover an earthy yet glamorous spectrum of rich browns and dark coppery blond tones. One of the Camille Albane styles is more charming than the other and all of them are easy to wear and flattering for women of all ages and all over the world.

Shoulder Long Hair

Shoulder-length hair with layers and a soft appearance
Shoulder long curly hair
This shoulder long hairstyle perfectly represents the natural aspect of the Camille Albane collection. The hair was cut in long and generous layers which work with the natural structure and flow of the hair.
Straight and strict lines were avoided to keep a soft appearance that does not lack a touch of adventure. Even the side part was drawn in a casual way and the styling seemingly allows the hair to follow its own tune, but not without good direction. The hair color is a spicy honey and vanilla mélange with a lot of silky shine.

Curly Abundance

Medium long bob with curls
The medium long bob got a gigantic image boost with a plethora of large curls. The length is perfect to show off cool blouse collars, and with all of the dynamic and attractive movement generated by the large coils it is one of the most striking and flirtatious hairstyles of the collection.
The hair is parted high on one side to allow a slight asymmetry of the volume. A small but very effective trick to instantly add more spunk and chic to a hairstyle.

Heavy on the Bangs

French bob hairstyle with curved bangs and a silk blouse
This bob comes with a lot of Oh-la-la and a strong statement. If it could talk, its language would most likely be French, but of course you can wear it anywhere you want to and leave a très chic impression. The bangs are gently curved in the tips to one side, which increases the dynamic appeal of this look that is as evergreen as the silk of her blouse.
The sides barely touch the shoulders and feature a lot of light volume styled in with a thick brush and hot air. The dark chocolate truffle brunette is a perfect match for her red lipstick and creamy complexion.

Medium Bob with Curls

Easy going medium length bob cut for curly hair
It does not get any more relaxed than this. With all its casual flair this medium layered bob still has enough chic to make a point at business meetings and to turn heads at the bistro or in the mall.
Easy going but with a lot of elegance in color and flow this low-maintenance curly hairstyle will quickly become your favorite look of the season. The finesse is not only in the artfully curled sides but very much so in the mix of a dark brown base color with mahogany streaks adding more light and accentuating the movement.
This photo also shows another trend of the season. It is the return of the sporty silk blouse as we remember it from the 80s. The length of the hair does not hide the collar and with the sleeves pushed up to the elbow or rolled up even higher, the new urban look brings a light and casual esprit into the urban streets.

Chic with a Swing

Must have haircut with flipped up ends
A layered bob is a must-have haircut, and who dares to doubt after seeing how flattering and fun these styles are? Flipped up ends with light texture and long layers look spontaneous, fresh and energetic while the deep brown hair color keeps it all grounded and very appealing.
The fringe is the result from a diagonal side part and also has a beautiful curve in its tips. A great look that can be refreshed easily during the day by misting some styling spray over it and quickly mussing it with the fingers.

Preppy with a Twist

Neat and trendy short haircut for a preppy appearance
Smooth short haircut for women
The neatness of this dapper and polished look is only challenged by a shy little wave along the front of the short modified A-line bob. A smooth graduation along the rear and the sides enhances the step forward angle of the styling and creates the volume along a line that spreads from her jaw line upward to the very beginning of her nape.
All lines are smooth and frame the face without any surprising and rebellious strands coming out of nowhere. Nice, neat and preppy with trendy understatement for a chic and yet modest appearance.

Reversed Lengths

Low-maintenance neck-exposing short haircut
It's playtime in the city. A woman can be professional, fashionable and playful at the same time. This smart haircut is short enough to be low in maintenance and a high, graduated back exposes a beautiful neck, while the front is long and asymmetrical.
This look gets an A+ in the style department and an extra star for the refined hair color. A warm toffee brown is taken to new heights with the veil like highlights that gleam in a coppery radiance.
Hairstyles: Louis Lafolie for Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois
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