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Visionary use of hair color
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With Clairvoyance the brilliant minds at Scruples Professional Hair Products give us a collection of styles that feature dramatic elements and a visionary use of hair color. This is color as accessory, and color as artistic element.
The use of color and cut creates complementary lines and visual effects that meld into truly artful displays. The cuts are precise and geometric, creating clean silhouettes and bold, dramatic lines. The styling is sleek and controlled, displaying both the cuts and colors to their maximum effect and highlighting their complete versatility.

A-line Bob

Modern A-line bob with sides that curve downward
The classic A-line bob is elevated to high art in this transformative interpretation. Using undercut layering and smooth tapering along the cutting line, the lines of the bob gently curve downward in the foreground.
The look is made dramatic and granted its artistic element by the application of brilliant-white highlight panel color. The color palette is simple but pure in its expression of formality. The black & white evokes images of elegance and bring to mind the Cecil Beaton interpretation of the Royal Ascot races in "My Fair Lady", but with the modern theme.
The styling is a matter of keeping the hair smooth and straight: blow-dry with a flat brush, iron the hair smooth and shiny and pamper away any frizz.

Highlighting Panel

Dark bob haircut with highlighting
The A-line bob introduced in the previous hairstyle is reworked in this look, showing that the clean, simple elegance isn't the only way to wear the look. By breaking open the highlighting panel, the stylist creates an accessory element in the hair that adds a sense of energy and excitement to the look.
The main portion of the hair is pumped to add body to the style and the foreground of the hair is given structure to form architectural elements to give visual interest and movement to the style.
It's easy to see how the variation could be taken even further, possibly by isolating the highlight panel and creating a textural element such as a spill of curls or crimped texture against the onyx backdrop.

Chipped-in Fringe

Square bob haircut with chipped-in bangs
Here we see the other classic bob style used as the foundation of a dramatically artistic expression. The simple lines of the cut, with its chipped-in fringe and squared-off and blocky perimeter line create an abstract display of glowing panels against a jewel-toned base color.
It is a look that would certainly look out of place at the PTA, but would also cause a stir on the local club scene. Styling is simple. Blow-dry with a flat brush focusing on smooth volume, then use a dab of structuring paste to zhuzh the hair and add some definition.

Curved Cutting Line

Blonde hair with a curved cutting line and olive streaks
The blunt cut goes architectural in this smooth style with organic, flowing lines and satiny finished texture. The cut uses a crisp, curved cutting line along the perimeter to create a look that elongates the neck while serving as the ultimate fashion accessory. Providing a contrast and counterpoint to the smooth, organic flow of the cut is the sharply-geometric lines of the hair coloring pattern.
The platinum blonde base is a canvas for a palette of triangular patterns in shades of olive, sage and chartreuse. The styling obviously focuses solely on sleek, straight texture in order to allow the color pattern to have maximum impact on the finished look.

Elongated Tendrils

Short haircut with elongated tendrils and panels of hair color
While all the previous looks in this collection have used cool palettes and tones, this hairstyle shows us warmth. In fact, the style echoes the looks seen previously in many ways, but manages to add a twist that makes it unique to itself.
For instance, the basic bob cut is easily seen in the basic silhouette of this style, yet the placement of elongated tendrils along the perimeter line breaks the lines into panels, without requiring dramatic separation and contrast in the colors.
The hair colors are crafted in panels, yet these panels have less-defined boundaries, and blend into their neighboring colors. The look manages to be soft, crisp, smooth and edgy all at the same time.
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