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Very short haircuts for women
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The talented professionals at Friseurteam Rossi have created a collection of edgy looks that showcase sharp, clean lines and asymmetrical, geometric shapes. While these short and very short haircuts may not suit everyone, they are designed to enhance a variety of facial needs and are especially good with prominent features which require redirection.
The cuts and layers are enhanced through the use of rich hair colors. The palette for these shades ranges from golden, tawny blondes and warm sable shades, to icy platinum tresses and cool metallic sheens on an ebon background.

Hyper-short Haircut

Very short hairdo with buzzed sides for women
This cut showcases a dramatic, hyper-short, gamine cut with an elongated top section to create a forelock look that gives focus to the eyes. The perimeter is cut with clean, curving lines and the layering in the sides creates clearly defined planes and angles in the silhouette.
The color - a rich, tawny golden blonde - gradually grows lighter and brighter toward the ends of the hair and is threaded with micro-thin highlights.

Deeply Tapered Haircut

Short razor cut bob with a curved line
Starting with a deeply tapered cut, with a mix of blunted and textured perimeter lines, the short hairstyle is razor-soft where needed, and hard-edged in other areas. The face is framed by a razor-cut, curved line and asymmetrical fringe that angles steeply to the vertical, to create an off-center forelock/fringe.
The hair color begins with a sable base, but is infused by both cool-burgundy and icy-blue tones to grant reflective highlights and an almost iridescent sheen.

Elevated Bob

Angled stacked bob that enhances the shape of the head
High-fashion takes a sharp edge in this short elevated bob cut. The sides follow a deeply angled line, and the zigzag parting-line dramatizes the dominant side of the off-center part.
The curves and angles of the silhouette enhance the shape of the skull, while the warm crimson highlights frame the face nicely, adding a flash of color to embolden the warmth of the base.

Short Stacked Bob

Short stacked bob cut with a razor
The very short stacked bob shown here is the antithesis of previous stacked bob. Here the cutting lines and angles are all softened with a razor to give a subtle finish to previously hard edges. The asymmetrical hairstyle is parted off-center with an angled line, and the fringe is sloped across the left eye.
The hair color is a mixture of snowy shades of milk, with ivory and cream highlights threaded throughout. Once again, the layers follow the contours of the skull, though the elongation of the perimeter lines from the razor cutting helps to give added length to the neck.

Clipper Cut Layers

Very short women's hair with clipper cut layers
Here's another gamine combo haircut, with super-short, clipper cut layers on the sides and back, paired with longer top and crown sections to create a forelock impression. The dominant side of the asymmetrical cut features undercutting, which helps emphasize the cleanliness of the angled cutting line.
The top portion of the hair is layered, granting a soft bevel to the edge. The color is a darker blonde with a definitive addition of ginger. The hair color is warm with subtle golden touches and helps to provide a glow to the skin without appearing gaudy.

Razor Cut Contoured Bob

Modern bob hairstyle with razor cutting
This contoured bob is razor cut, and frames its asymmetry in a division of the scalp. On the right, dominant, side, the fringe area angles steeply to below the chin while the left side features a gentler, curving line and deep tapered "V" at the ear before dropping again to the nape area.
The left side has softly curved layers that follow the skull's contour, while the dominant right side elongates the curved layering to a more traditional "bob" look. The sable base color is once more granted sheen via the icy-blue overlay on the forward edge of the dominant side.
Hair: Friseurteam Rossi
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