Divine by Michel Dervyn

Glamour hairstyles with 1960s en 1970s inspiration
With some notable exceptions, the "Divine" Collection by stylist Michel Dervyn seems to be an homage to the trendy glamour looks of the late 60's and early 70's. One can sense the mod feel of the styles as it is accentuated by the color of the hair in its golden tones.
Speaking of the color, these blondes aren't just dimensional, they're multi-dimensional. The hair colors are layered with myriad shades of highlighting and lowlighting to create rich, natural looking color that glistens like born-blonde hair does.
The hairstyles themselves vary, from up-styles to short, sassy mod cuts and even a couple of "off theme" styles (including a chic asymmetrical bob and a couple of current men's looks). But the whole of the collection presents itself well, demonstrating that like garment fashions, hair fashions really do run in cycles. The old styles can be given new life and new vitality a lot more easily than some might think.

Super Sleek Up-Style

Sleek 1970 up-style for blonde hair
This super sleek up-style could easily have walked right off the red carpet in 1970. With the buttery-blonde strands smoothed back to the crown and sculpted into an oversized sphere creating a double-circle silhouette.
The inner structure of the "spherical" portion of the style is probably built on backcombed interior hair (or perhaps a foam-filled nylon insert) that is then veneered by smoothed strands on the outside.
Use a quality styling gel to create the initial set-up, along with a smoothing serum. Craft the style step-by-step with a fine mist hairspray in order to get maximum control without risking a wet or gummy look.

Retro Look

Retro look with backcombing for long blonde hair
This retro look calls to mind images of Emma Peel of the classic "The Avengers" series. The look is both classy and casual, and would be suited to a variety of settings. The pale golden blonde of the hair is accented with milky highlights and buttery lowlights. These striations give the smoothly-styled areas of the hair added depth and interest.
The long fringe is swept to the side and the top, sides and crown are gently swept back to the middle crown area. Backcombing the rear top and upper crown areas creates a gentle "bump" in the hair to boost height in the silhouette. The remainder of the hair is left to fall gently down the neck and spill over the shoulders.

Seventies-Era Long Bob

Seventies era long bob with waves
Another classic, seventies-era look shines beautifully in this long bob style. A slightly off-center parting and the long waves of the style provide the perfect display format for the striations of color in the hair. The base is a neutral faun shade with golden highlights and bronzed low-lighting. The full-volume styling avoids height by using an off-base roller set with larger rollers at the top and smaller rollers along the bottom edge of the style (though not too small).
After setting the curl, the hair is brushed out gently and plied with hairspray and a spray laminator to give that glistening sheen seen above. When recreating this look for yourself at home, use a light misting of hairspray on the brushed out hair and run your fingers gently through the hair to create the look you want. This will give some definition to the locks and separate any "sheets" of hair.

Chic Asymmetrical Cut

Short asymmetrical bob hairstyle for blonde hair
The first of our somewhat "anachronistic styles" (in that the style doesn't fit our retro theme displayed by the rest of the looks) we have three images of the same short cut that demonstrate the way that even very subtle styling changes can make a difference in the feel of a style.
The base style has a lovely pale milky blonde color that has luminosity and shine. It is an asymmetrical haircut that features a side parting and angled lines in both the dominant and passive sides of the style.
In this first look, the short asymmetrical bob is styled for complete smoothness. The hair is likely blown out straight with a smoothing serum and ironed to give a satiny finish. The finish works with the color to create a soft diffuse glow in the hair where it reflects and refracts the light. This look is ultra chic and clearly meant for a seriously dressed-up occasion.

Bob with Casual Styling

Short blonde bob styled for an evening out
In this second look, we see changes in the styling that reflect a more casual focus. The short hair is blown out straight, but appears to use a styling gel or texturing product to allow the hair to form strands which add visual interest and textural elements to the look.
This styling says casual and is suited best to a less dramatic affair, such as a quiet dinner party or an evening out with friends.

Softly-Diffuse Styling

Short blonde bob styled with diffusion
In this last look we see the short basic cut styled with an air of diffusion. The styling is still overall straight, but the focus shifts from clean lines and edges to a softer look and feel. The ends of the short bob are frothed out and form an airy frame while the softly-diffuse styling makes the hair appear luminous as the light is also diffused into the color of the hair.
The overall finish of the hair is an edgy one, perfect for a night out in the clubs, or perhaps some other hot spot where trendsetters congregate to be seen.

Retro Pixie

Retro pixie style with razor cutting
Here we return to our retro visitations with this short pixie-cut style. The hair builds to a weight line along the top of the ears and then tapers smoothly below that point. The layers are razor cut and the look is chic, but with an air of innocence. The neutral blonde tones of the hair provide a glossy canvas upon which the style is formed.
You can recreate this look using a light-hold mousse and a blow dryer with a flat brush. Once the hair is dry, you can use a fine-mist hairspray to control any stray hairs and keep that satiny glow intact.

Steeply Tapered Pixie

Steeply tapered blonde pixie
We're revisiting the pixie-cut shown here, and again seeing how subtle changes can make a world of difference. In this incarnation, the cut is more steeply tapered and creates a smoother silhouette. The fringe is textured to give a softer, feathery edge to the cut line across the brow.
But perhaps the biggest difference comes from the slight shift in the color palette and the addition of a touch of gold to the haircolor. The subtle change in color gives the look a warmer and brighter aspect. It breathes new life into a look that seemed just fine.

Soft Silhouette for Men

Soft hairstyle with layering for men
While not overtly a retro look, there are even elements of this men's style that borrow heavily from the shag cuts of the 60's and 70's. The long layering in the upper sections and the feathering of the hair in the lower layers gives a soft silhouette and look to the style as a whole.
The hair color is a natural ebony shade with a cool undertone. The key effect of the color is the shine and glint as the hair refracts the light that hits it.
Create the style using a blow out with a round brush followed by a smoothing serum spread over the fingers to rake through the hair and create added visual interest and definition in the layers.

Modern Look for Men

Modern male hair style with length in the crown section
Our last style of the collection is a truly modern look for men. The cut is a more classically themed one - with shorter back and sides that taper as you go down along the head, and the majority of the length and bulk in the top and crown sections. The layers are textured with a point cutting technique, and the whole style focuses on keeping the hair looking "free" and "unrestrained".
Create this look using a blow dryer and round brush ith styling gel, lifting the hair at the top section to give volume and height to the hair in that section. Roll brush along the sides and rear top sections away from the face to enhance the feathered look. Finish the look with a dab of smoothing serum (or even more styling product) spread over the fingers and raked through the hair.
Hairstyles: Michel Dervyn