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"Divine" Collection

Michel Dervyn

With some notable exceptions, the "Divine" Collection by stylist Michel Dervyn seems to be an homage to the trendy glamour looks of the late 60's and early 70's. One can sense the mod feel of the styles as it is accentuated by the color of the hair in its golden tones.
Speaking of the color, these blondes aren't just dimensional, they're multi-dimensional. The hair colors are layered with myriad shades of highlighting and lowlighting to create rich, natural looking color that glistens like born-blonde hair does.
  • 1970 up-style
  • retro look for long hair
  • seventies era long bob
  • chic asymmetrical hairstyle
  • short hairstyle for an evening out
  • softly-diffuse styling for short hair
  • short pixie for a retro style
  • steeply tapered pixie
  • soft hairstyle for men
  • modern male hair style
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The hairstyles themselves vary, from up-styles to short, sassy mod cuts and even a couple of "off theme" styles (including a chic asymmetrical bob and a couple of current men's looks). But the whole of the collection presents itself well, demonstrating that like garment fashions, hair fashions really do run in cycles. The old styles can be given new life and new vitality a lot more easily than some might think.
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