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Catherine Bell's above the Collar Bob

Television star Catherine Bell looked great at the L.A. Premiere of "Despicable Me 2" on June 22nd, 2013. Her signature brunette locks were cut into a blunt bob. Strands are cut at a slight angle so the length is longer in the front. The length is a little longer than a classic, chin-length bob but a very flattering length nonetheless.
Minimal layering throughout the haircut makes for a sleek finish. Bell parts her strands to the side and opts for a full side bang. The fringe is cut right at the eye for a flirty and mysterious effect.
Her rich brown shade has a hint of crimson especially in the sunlight. Smooth, silky strands glow and really warm up the actress' skin tone. Run through a light serum to really make your hair strands shine! Blunt haircuts tend to look more full and boxy then layered haircuts do. Add some subtle layers to your cut for a more wispy finish.
Catherine Bell wearing a short skirt and loose silky blouse Catherine Bell look with medium length hair Catherine Bell wearing a bob hairstyle that is longer in front
The beautiful JAG star pulls off this bold bob effortlessly and we think the loose silky blouse and the just above the collar bob are a perfect match! A great inspiration and certainly a bob worth copying.
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