Petite Tête Courte by Tchip

Easy short haircuts for women
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You know all about the little black dress, this magic garment that makes you look sensational in any environment and in one single piece. Tchip created the Little Short Haircut to have the same effect. The short looks come in sleek and curls, wavy and geometrical and the hairstyles all have a wonderful simplicity and elegance in common. They can be worn at the office and unaltered make a splash at the party or at a festive event.
All you need is one and you are the queen of effortless style. The range of hairstyles covers all types, from classic to quirky and the palette covers the earthy tones from dark brown to light blonde. There is a perfect little short haircut for every woman. Talk to your stylist and ask which one will fit you best and enjoy being impeccably well (hair-) dressed anywhere and anytime.

Short and Layered Bob

Short bob hairstyle with layering for active women
Short layered bob hairstyle
Express yourself and show the world all of the vivacious energy you have! This hairstyle is perfect for the active woman who does not want to spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready for her day. The layers are tailored to the natural flow of her hair and add not only volume but also a lot of movement.
This short haircut is chic, stylish, charming and very forgiving. Styling is easy with a little warm air, a good styling brush to lift the roots and a dollop of mousse to make the flirty volume and bounce last.

Shorter in the Neck Bob

Brunette bob with an angled cutting line and shorter neck section
The classic favorite has lost nothing of its flattering allure. Shorter in the neck, the cutting line angles downward towards the front where the corners are just below chin length. With a diagonal side part, a modern element comes in creating a trendy asymmetry.
One side of the face can be veiled or revealed with a flick of the head. Textured tips keep the appearance soft and a slight undercut allows the hair to curve inward more readily. Spick and span, timeless elegance but with a modern twist. You cannot go wrong with this angled bob. It's a real multitasker.

Short Bowl Cut

Short bowl hair cut that reaches the top of the ears
This darling little hairdo comes with a lot of high fashion feel and a lighthearted extravagance. It just oozes with charm! Bowl cuts don't have the best reputation and there have been quite a few bad examples in the family tree of the infamous haircut, but Tchip managed to turn it into a trendy and adorable fashion statement.
The length reaches the top of the ears. A finely graduated neck and tiny, thin sideburns break up the roundness of the bowl shape to part. The hair is styled to a couple of light overlapping layers in front for more movement and less bowl monotony.

Wash and Go Haircut

Easy to wear short haircut
Wash and go hairstyle for short hair
For a very oh-la-la effect, try on this little feathery creation. Wispy lines al over and layers throughout make this short hairstyle lightweight, easy to wear and just the perfect fit for all occasions. This wash and go look is very low-maintenance and has a refreshing sporty appeal without lacking in the chic department.
A diagonal side part created the deep side fringe but keeps the amount of hair balanced on both sides. Curves are plenty from top to bottom and the texture in the tips make it easy to always get the perfect styling. A warm, smoky brown hair color keeps things grounded and spicy.

Classic Bob Haircut

Classic blunt cut bob with bangs
Short and medium long hairstyles
Blunt cut with bangs, that is how we fell in love with the universal chic of the classic bob. The all-time favorite bob hairstyle never gets old and is still stunning in the purest of its many modern shapes. Cut just below the chin it hugs the face and is all the hairstyle you need to look great at any age.
This little short haircut makes a big impression and is surprisingly easy to handle. Of course you need a regular trim to keep the straight lines in good shape, but isn't it worth it? If this fringe is too long for you, have your stylist suggest the perfect length for your face at the eyebrows, above them or slightly below. Her hair color is a friendly, golden ash blonde, timeless as the entire style.

Sleek and Slinky Short Hair

Sleek short hair with ends that flip outward
Sleek short hairstyle that lengthens the face
Check out those waves! The sleek and slow flow of the short golden hair frames the face in dynamic chic. The lines move in a harmonious flow and - the highlight of it all - curl outward in long, textured tips that add softness and slinky lightness to the bob shape that is at the base of this creation.
The outward flip turns the round, almost bowl shape, into a tulip shape and visually lengthens the face. The hair color is a most delightful sandy blonde with subtle high and low lights to give it a very natural look.

Medium Long Fluffy Curls

Medium long layered blonde hair with curls
Short to medium long curly hairstyle
These medium long curls are as irresistible as a spoon full of freshly whipped cream. With this hairstyle it will not matter what you wear, you will be impeccable in cut off jeans or in your glamor gown. The hair has been layered in the lower inches to achieve the rounded volume with a sleeker top section.
The shape and the color look very natural and unpretentious but yet they exude this effortless, undramatic but intense chic. Darker roots to the light blonde hair give it that natural blonde feel - and who knows, maybe she really is! Make them wonder, enchant and always leave a wake of star dust behind you.

Large Blonde Curls

Medium length blonde hair with large curls
With a little more effort the previous hairstyle, which was already gorgeous, turns into this wild and sexy pièce de résistance. Opulent volume with breathtaking, dizzying movement. The large size of the curls makes it look especially luxurious and with a variety of shapes and sizes it appears like an untamed force of nature.
Sun-kissed beige blonde gives the hair an almost angelic appeal, while the disheveled elements speak of a passionate disposition.
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