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Petite TĂȘte Courte - Little Short Haircut

  • short bob with layering
  • bob with an angled cutting line
  • short bowl cut
  • wash and go haircut
  • blunt bob with bangs
  • sleek short hair
  • medium long hair with curls
  • large curls
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You know all about the little black dress, this magic garment that makes you look sensational in any environment and in one single piece. Tchip created the Little Short Haircut to have the same effect. The short looks come in sleek and curls, wavy and geometrical and the hairstyles all have a wonderful simplicity and elegance in common. They can be worn at the office and unaltered make a splash at the party or at a festive event.
All you need is one and you are the queen of effortless style. The range of hairstyles covers all types from classic to quirky and the palette covers the earthy tones from dark brown to light blonde. There is a perfect little short haircut for every woman. Talk to your stylist which one will fit you best and enjoy being impeccably well (hair-) dressed anywhere and anytime.
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