"EGO" by Klaus Muller Friseur

Easy to style hairstyles with bangs
Klaus Müller Hair of Trier, Germany, has his own unique way to interpret the styling trends and presents his looks for hair with his spring collection "ego". The EGO collection focuses fully on the individual type and emphasizes the characteristics by accentuating the features and contours.
Rediscovering femininity, accentuating beauty and exuding individuality, natural and charismatic. These are the basic elements Klaus Müller Hair is using with his EGO Stylings to motivate women for being more courageous, even egoistic at times and to demonstrate their personality.
Flexible styling, warm colors with smooth transitions from hue to hue are at the core of the presentation, tailored to each person. More important than the length of the hair is the cut, setting the special accents.

Round Silhouette

Very short page boy cut for deep brown hair
Short haircut with sideburns and a tapered nape
The classic page boy got a feminine makeover for this extravagant look. The top hair forms a round silhouette with the length of the bangs continuing around the head. The lower sections of hair were chiseled with perfection to follow the line of the ear behind some indicated sideburns and flowing gently to the tapered nape that is pronounced with a smooth layering.
The deep brown hair color is interspersed with walnut accents for more dimension and warmth. This precise cut is easily styled with a round brush, a blow dryer, smoothing serum and a mist of spray.

Bowl Shape

Modern page boy a longer section
Bowl shape hairdo
Round is the message but this time with a twist. A meticulously cut page boy wraps around the head in a smooth bowl shape with blunt inward beveled edges and smooth tapering on the nape.
The highlight of this catching look is a long section on the right side flowing almost to the end of the neck and framing one side of the face with its smooth tapered line that connects in a perfect curve to the straight bangs. The medium brown color comes alive with subtle highlights in honey.

Versatile Bob

Smooth bob style for the office
Bob with forward styling and highlights
This bob comes in two very different moods. With a versatile and perfect cut the classic do can be styled smooth and elegant, ready for a day in the office or the important meeting. Adding a dollop of mousse, some forward styling and kneading, it will become a sassy and sexy look for a night out on the town.
The cut is gently layered and has a few tapered accents in the front, where longer strands on the side bring the perfect finish to a rounded face framing style that brings all the focus to the face. Highlights create depth and dimension.

Long and Short Hair Combined

Long and short hair in one hairstyle
Hair with contrasting lengths
The best of both worlds, long and short, combined in one stunning hairstyle. A fluffy bob with a high crown and gentle texturing sits on top a bottom layer of long, blunt hair that reaches a few inches over the shoulders. The top portion forms a nice round silhouette with a high partition on the side, long bangs that almost reach the chin.
The contrast of the lengths and textures is intensified with a gentle contrast of color from a warm honey, dark blonde tone in the bob part to a darker hue on the long sections.

Versatile Medium Length Hairstyle

Sleek and versatile medium length hairstyle
Curly blonde hair with a round silhouette
Blonde seduction comes as a double feature presentation with this versatile look. A super sleek version takes our attention to the marble like color of the hair, a bright platinum with strands of a warmer beach blonde and a subtle nutmeg tone.
The high side part lets the hair flow across the face in a gentle sweep, connecting with the blunt cut sides. The roundness of the silhouette becomes even more evident in the curly version of this cut.

Bob with a Steep Angle

Bob cut with a steep angle
Bob with increasing length from back to front
A-line taken to an elegant max. Straight and rounded lines, a steep angle from back to front and precisely cut contours make this blonde creation a modern masterpiece. Note the long, blunt and straight bangs!
The sides are tapered to form a soft frame for the face and the length increases from the nape to a few inches below the chin. This eye-catching cut can be styled smooth or with more texture in a sassy, fluffy style.

Short Hair with Curls

Short hairstyle with curls
Short hairdo with curls - back view
A wonderful way to do magic with natural curls. The hair was cut to one length all around the head and the curls are enhanced by subtle plays of color between coppery blonde and almost platinum highlights.
The short style circles the head like a halo and allows the face to fully show its beauty as there are no bangs or side sections covering any of it. Large rollers help to bring a uniform, large size into the curls.

Chocolaty Twirls

Hair with spiral curls and straight bangs
Spiraling hair
Long strands spiraling their way into hair-fashion heaven. These chocolaty twirls are a refreshing modification of long and straight hair. The cut is a one length, blunt line, over-the-shoulder style with long, full and straight bangs.
While stunning in this form, the hair turns into a voluptuous, voluminous and playful mane of pure joy! Spiral curlers or a medium thick curling iron can bring in the curl. The contrast with the straight crown and bangs give this look its special energy.

Bouncy Bob

Bob for older women
Short haircut with sideburns and a tapered nape
Older women with finer hair will love this exciting version of a bob. The hair is gently layered and styled to bouncy fullness. Much volume is created on the crown by lifting the roots and giving the layers a nice curve.
Textured bangs and gently tapered sides frame the face with a soft caress and the deep espresso color makes the face glow. This cut is especially sassy with the sides loosely tugged behind the ears, allowing one long strand to roam free on the side.
Hairstyles: Klaus Müller Friseur