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"EGO" Hairstyles Collection

Klaus Muller Friseur

Klaus Müller Hair of Trier, Germany, has his own unique way to interpret the current styling trends and presents his current looks for hair with his spring collection "ego". The EGO collection focuses fully on the individual type and emphasizes the characteristics by accentuating the features and contours.
Rediscovering femininity, accentuating beauty and exuding individuality, natural and charismatic. These are the basic elements Klaus Müller Hair is using with his EGO Stylings to motivate women for being more courageous, even egoistic at times and to demonstrate their personality.
  • very short page boy look
  • bowl shape haircut
  • smooth bob
  • long and short hair combined
  • medium length style for blonde hair
  • steep angled bob
  • short haircut with curls
  • long hair with full bangs
  • bob for older ladies
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Flexible styling, warm colors with smooth transitions from hue to hue are at the core of the presentation, tailored to each person. More important than the length of the hair is the cut, setting the special accents.
The bob is the basis for the collection, however it is interpreted anew. This results in a trendy variety with a perfect play of shapes, colors and proportions. The new trend boasts extravagant creations all the way to asymmetrical ones. The bangs remain as the stylistic trademark and catch all attention bringing it to the face and the eyes.
The long hair cuts are either blunt, with straight contours or extremely fringy and thinned out. The top hair is short to keep a fine pageboy look within the length.
Short haircuts captivate with their classic coolness and the exact cutting lines reminiscent of the 1920s, they are even more accentuated by the dark colors. The hair is styled definitely shorter.
The hairstyles of the EGO Collection are just perfect for people who are self confident and positive. Klaus Müller Hair offers stylings for everyday office looks as well as the perfect coif for the party night; all of them can easily be styled at home.
Hairstyles: Klaus Müller Friseur