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Short hairstyles inspired by the 1990s
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This collection makes it very clear: the 90s are back! If you think hairstyles inspired by a past decade are like warmed up coffee, then let Moving Hair's collection convince you otherwise. Gemstone colors turn these outbursts of creativity into modern eye candy and there is nothing about the genial adaptations of the bob that would make you yawn.
The Crystals by CC5 haircuts are like a breath of fresh air, invigorating and inspiring. Interesting textures, clear geometric shapes and a lot of flexibility for a range of styling options make these short hairstyles a great choice for everyone who wants a hairstyle that is trendy, suits their personality and that will stand out.

Gentle Flames

Blonde hair cut with very short sides
The long top hair contrasts very short sides and makes it possible to style this flame-like shape. A bit of punk goes hand in hand with a lot of glamour and an extravagant, edgy chic that will make them all breathless. Wide slices of strands were treated with enough styling product to give them enough anti-gravity hold.
Textured tips keep the overall look very soft, as does the crystalline platinum hair color with its unbelievable pearlescent shine. The cutting line around the perimeter is very clear, the graduation along the sides and in the neck are seamless. The result is smooth, soft, beautiful and very dangerous, in a good way!

Eye of the Tiger

Hairstyle with a short neck area
The copper and red tones that create the spark in a tiger's eye gem also make this short hairstyle shine. Short and long sections create contrast, but are perfectly balanced in their proportions. The magic is done by juxtaposing the smooth roundness of the silhouette with the long, jagged and strongly textured line of the fringe.
The hair is styled from the back forward and the entire flow focused on bringing all the attention to her face. The short neck is very attractive and great skill is obvious in the finetuned cutting lines along the sides.

Amethyst Chops

Modern short haircut with mini-bangs
The deep onyx black enhances the glowing effect of the purple amethyst strands which are layered in wide patches throughout the avant-garde short haircut. A very short fringe brings an artsy and modern appeal into the look and a few rebellious touches like the blunt and rough edges and outward styling of the hair on the side enhance the very nouveau and edgy feel.
A smooth top with soft longer hair is surrounded by corners and choppy textures to create a tingling contrast. The hair color is mysterious and very hip all at once and goes well with those heavy rimmed smoky eyes.

Contrasting Texture

Blonde hair cut into a pixie with a diagonal fringe
The hair color is at once icy cold with a crystalline shine and also warm in the deeper areas. This gentle contrast is achieved by using two types of blonde; one platinum based shade and the other has a golden hue. This brings so much more dimension to this haircut and enhances the effect of the sliced and point cut texture. A long diagonal fringe, shaped to a triangular point has a glistening, soft and very sleek surface.
Much the opposite is happening everywhere else. The hair was cut in a short and sweet pixie cut, but left long enough to style the hair in different directions, to create some volume and a lot of movement all over. It is just the contrast of the sleekness and the tousled strands that is so exciting about this stellar style.

Flippy Gem

Short hairstyle with a short neck section and undercut sides
The natural hues of the hair and the fun, extravagant shape come together in a most exquisite combination that is earthy and divine at the same time. A short neck, short undercut sides produce much depth with their darker, nutmeg color. This hue makes the bright moonstone blonde, which graces the longer sections, even more brilliant.
The fringe has the most length and hovers in a mischievous way diagonally across the side of her face. A lot of volume was generated on top by lifting the roots of the long strands a bit and spreading the sleek gorgeousness all around in a soft and tousled fashion.

Curvy Classic

Modern chin length bob with a soft curve
A chin length bob is among the most stylish and flattering looks since time began. This play on the timeless haircut boasts a large, soft curve to frame the face in a line from the upper right side to the left cheekbone.
The lines are extremely clean and there is no frizzy texture to distract from the minimalist approach of gentle beauty. Matching the refined simplicity is the very warm cocoa hair color. A tad of smoothing serum increases the shine to this satiny gleam.

Shaggy Elegance

Short haircut with longer sides and choppy texture
Short on top and long on the sides with a large amount of choppy texture throughout. What a cool way to surge through another fashion season! Multiple colors are crisp and clean. Applied for extreme contrast, the red sleek fringe is topped by a few choppy copper colored strands, with the same color peeking out on the sides.
The main body of the haircut is onyx black and outshines her sparkly lip-gloss. Texture is piled up high with ultimate lift, some stiff, long spikes for effect but an overall soft appearance.

Eternal Metallics

Shimmer bob colored in different shades
If there is a truly polished look out there, it must be this one. Not only are we looking at a true classic in all of hair fashion's history, but also at colors that are so out of this world that they are as indestructible and timeless as the cut. This bob shimmers in a soft mélange of gold, silver and platinum tones with some darker shades in the mix as well.
This combination creates an amazing shimmer, but also a strong dimensional effect. The cut features much roundness, achieved by soft graduation in the neck and a slight undercut. Sharp points accentuate her cheekbones and the diagonal fringe is also style to a smooth inward curve.
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