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Moving Hair - Switzerland

  • hair cut with very short sides
  • hairstyle with a short neck area
  • mini-bangs
  • blonde hair cut into a pixie
  • short hairstyle with undercut sides
  • modern chin length bob
  • short haircut with long sides
  • shimmer bob
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The latest looks on the catwalks of the world make it very clear - the 90s are back! If you think hairstyles inspired by a past decade are like warmed up coffee, then let Moving Hair's collection convince you otherwise. Gemstone colors turn these outbursts of creativity into modern eye candy and there is nothing about the genial adaptations of the bob that would make you yawn.
The Crystals by CC5 haircuts are like a breath of fresh air, invigorating and inspiring. Interesting textures, clear geometric shapes and a lot of flexibility for a range of styling options make these short hairstyles a great choice for everyone who wants a hairstyle that is trendy, suits their personality and that will stand out.
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