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Bruno Melgani

Hairstyles Collection 2009

French Star Coiffeur Bruno Melgani is known for his classy, spirited and wearable hair designs. In his new line the theme is texture. Short and medium length haircuts feature fine to choppy techniques which lead to soft outlines and very lively structures.
  • graduated short hair
  • curly short red hair
  • short buzzed hair
  • spiky bangs
  • pointy long haircut
  • longish pixie
  • frizzy A-line bob
  • Dolly Parton look
  • out-of-the-face look
  • Latin lover look
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The looks for men and women cover the basic color groups and keep the hues bright but simple. It is the hair, the haircut and the styling that are the major players here and the color only supports the individual character of each look.
Melgani's hairstyles are always tailored to each personality and reflect the energy of the person underneath the refined hair-do. These Parisian looks are always wearable and classy with a refreshing twist.
Hairstyles: Bruno Melgani
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