Bruno Melgani

Hairstyles Collection 09

Hair design for men and women
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French Star Coiffeur Bruno Melgani is known for his classy, spirited and wearable hair designs. In his new line the theme is texture. Short and medium length haircuts feature fine to choppy hair cutting techniques which lead to soft outlines and very lively structures.
The looks for men and women cover the basic hair color groups and keep the hues bright but simple. It is the hair, the haircut and the styling that are the major players here and the color only supports the individual character of each look.
Melgani's hairstyles are always tailored to each personality and reflect the energy of the person underneath the refined hairdo. These Parisian looks are always wearable and classy with a refreshing twist.

Short Red Hair

Short red haircut with graduation in the back
This turbo powered flow of lava red short hair will melt every rock. Graduated in the back, the hair lengthens towards the front where it is styled with a lot of attitude diagonally across the face.
The texture becomes even more visible with the slices and streaks of darker and lighter coppery red hues. The pointed tip of the longest fringe of the season reaches all the way to the chin.

Short Hair with Curls

Textured short red hair with curls
For special occasions or just "because" bring some twist and twirl around your face. The previous short hairstyle was softened and glammed up by adding large curls to the longer top sections.
Sides and back are still displaying their graduated, textured surface, while the rest of the hair dances in red-hot ribbons across the crown just to cascade down the other side of the face. The curls shorten the fringe and now it brings much attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Low Maintenance Short Hair

Low maintenance short buzzed hair for women
With hair buzzed as short as can be to still show texture and movement, this dark hairstyle is not just super-light and low in maintenance but also highly appealing with its androgynous flair.
The hair is finely textured throughout and little spikes are styled into the face for a fresh and cute frame. The back hair clings snugly to the girl's neck, and small pointed sideburns are absolutely adorable.

Deconstructed Curls

Long brown hair with curls and spiky bangs
Like an effervescent beverage this long hairstyle teases all the senses. It boasts a load of deconstructing and some very defined curls and all that is mixed with spiky bangs and tousled strands throughout the long layers.
A medium brown is a rather demure choice of hair color, but with all that motion and commotion this serene tone provides a good balance.

Long Choppy Pointy Haircut

Choppy and pointy haircut for long hair
A special cutting technique makes this slinky texture cut possible. Long layers are divided into long individual strands which are textured from the choppy bangs to the mid-upper-back length.
With the right styling these strands are clearly defined and extra sleek.
The hair color is a cappuccino brown, a warm tone that harmonizes and softens the sharp and pointy aspects of the haircut.

Spiky Strands

Longish pixie haircut with spiky strands
The pixie cut has grown up and found a new asymmetrical expression. The classic pixie look inspired this medium long, feisty hairstyle full of spiky strands that are textured top to bottom and from the short back to the long front and the short again bangs.
The movement is directed towards the front and then slightly off to the side. A trendy new take on a true icon of fashion.

High Crown Bob

Frizzy A-line bob with a short graduated neck section
A fuzzy, frizzy and delightful version of an A-line bob teases with lots of layers, texture and even more movement. The raspy short neck is generously graduated to evolve into a full-bodied crown which transforms to a chin length side section.
The strong texture and mussed styling create breathtaking movement that finds its still center in the brow length fringe.

Perfect Spiral Curls

Hair with blonde spiral curls for a Dolly Parton look
Dolly Parton is not the only blonde who loves really big hair. This gigantic cloud of perfect spiral curls is one of those spectacular hairstyles that will leave mouths gaping and eyes staring.
The enormous volume shapes up to a round silhouette filled with the finest, refined and defined curls in an enlightened blonde tone that seems to be made right in hair heaven. This one deserves a serious Amen!

Out of the Face Hairstyle

Slicked back out of the face hairstyle for men
What could also turn out to be a head full of wild and seductive natural curls got a style treatment and a modern update with a touch of gel and turned into this out of the face look for men that still has a lot of volume, but is very dapper and groomed. Slicked back sides keep all the movement on top and in the back.

Latin Lover Look

Cut for long and curly male hair
When the day is over his slick and tamed style is turned loose and turns, after all, into the wild and seductive mane of curly male hair. A little bit of Latin lover style never fails to do its magic, especially when it comes in such a finely layered volume with tons of well-defined locks.
Hairstyles: Bruno Melgani
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