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A-Line Bob

Step by step guide on how to cut an A-line bob from Stacey Broughton,
A-line bob

This Salon Classics cut is a reflection on the timeless A-line shape wrapped in a radiant blanket of pure colour, sheer brilliant technique.
A-line bob - before the haircut
Martha before the cut.
A-line bob - step 1
Step 1
Before sectioning it is a good idea to establish the parting in order to realise the balance at a later stage. Martha's hair falls naturally into a side parting. To determine this, comb the hair back with very little tension, then push forward creating a natural break in the hair.
Step 2
Let the hair fall naturally around the crown. Defining the natural parting first will help with the sectioning and the balance of the hair cut.
A-line bob - step 2 A-line bob - step 3
Step 3
Create a horse-shoe section from above the temple, incorporating the parting and allowing for disturbances and irregularitiesin the crown area.
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