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EvelineCharles™ - Versatility Collection

The EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas Artistic Team created the Versatility Collection to showcase the multitude of looks that can arise from a single beautifully designed haircut and color. The collection showcases flexibility, modern style, femininity and boldness.
  • asymmetrical hair style
  • haircut exposing half of the ear
  • sleek short hair style
  • platinum bob
  • versatile midlength hairstyle
  • hairstyle with the ears half exposed
  • bob with tapered sides
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"Following fall fashion's theme of architecture in motion, we wanted to showcase haircuts that balanced strict, formal lines softened with fringes and voluminous hair movement," says EvelineCharles™ Artistic Director Ashley Harrison. "To achieve this look, talk to your stylist about a cut with a defined shape, and softness on the interior to create hair movement."
This season, EvelineCharles™ colors are rich and believable. The bold and warm hair colors of fall toy with hard and soft, once again showcasing strength with femininity. When it comes to color, the choice between a daring and feisty copper, rich espresso brown or sophisticated blonde, makes little difference, just be sure to go bold with your color.
"Accentuating your cut with precise color placement will add more shape and flair to your hair," says Harrison.
Fall's makeup is luxurious, elegant and edgy. The richness of a smoky eye returns in a palette of burgundy browns. To add color to the eyes, incorporate a jewel-toned blue, purple or green. The key to creating a smoldering eye is proper blending to flawlessly blend colors together. If you choose to go bold on the eyes, keep the lips nude.
Fall fashion echoes an era when dressing up was an everyday affair. The runways showcased full skirts, fur collars, sheer stockings, plaids, tweeds, scarves and classic pumps. All pieces were intrinsically modern; a refreshing approach to lady-like style. This fall welcomes the season of change; at EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas, fashion and beauty are returning to their roots of chic and beautiful style.
Hairstyles: EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas Artistic Team