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Carpy Coiffeur

Hair Fashion Spring-Summer 2011

16 haircuts that will keep you cool all summer long come in many shapes and colors this year. Inspired by the latest trends on runways and by the demands of women for chic and wearable hairstyles that have some sizzle and are unique, Carpy Coiffeur developed this delightful collection.
  • haircut with an A-line shape
  • bob with texture
  • bob with curved sides
  • bob with a tapered cutting line
  • Asian inspired updo
  • long bob with movement
  • slimming updo
  • redhead bob
  • bubbly hair styling
  • long sweeping bangs
  • carefree look with curls
  • haircut for active women
  • updo with a fluffy top
  • short blonde hair with texture and layers
  • punky short haircut
  • short windswept hair
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The cuts, which are based on the fashion favorite of all times, the bob, are either short or medium long and have strong emphasis on volume, texture and a lot of movement. Each one comes in two versions to show off its versatility and how to create more drama in your hair.
These dressy creations are made for every day wear and are forgiving in their maintenance and styling requirements. Hair colors are basic but bright in a range of blondes, dark and medium browns and spicy red tones. Sporty, fresh and with all the elements of the current trends, these hairstyles are made to last for perhaps more than one season.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: ©Filippe Darocha